Reading for Understanding Two #99B

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  1. Many attics, cellars, barns, and other storage rooms contain antique objects that may be sold for a much higher price than their owners suspect. Searching for and selling antique objects is a hobby that also may yield
  2. Your answer:

  3. One reason that the intelligent worker is more valuable than the unintelligent one is that the intelligent one is less wasteful of materials. In some manufacturing processes, the cost of the material used is many times the amount paid in wages. In such cases, a very little difference in the worker's ability to comprehend and to follow instructions may make a great difference in the
  4. Your answer:
    net profit to the owner.
    stability of employment.
    use of complicated machinery.
    wages of the worker.

  5. The newspapers have gradually come under monopolistic control. There are fewer daily newspapers now than there were twenty years ago. Many cities have only one morning and one evening newspaper, both of which
  6. Your answer:
    control all public opinions.
    contain exactly the same news.
    are owned by executives.
    have the same owner.

  7. Since the known supply of mineral resources is limited, one important problem of the mining industries is that of
  8. Your answer:
    devising faster means of mining.
    conservational practices of production.
    teaching the public that the mineral supply is limited.
    increasing the price of minerals to limit their usage.

  9. Prior to the last fifty years or so, most businesses were controlled by single individuals or by a very limited number of partners. Lately there has been a trend toward corporate organization. So steady and so extensive has the trend been that today the corporation is
  10. Your answer:
    frequently replaced by employee ownership.
    giving way to smaller organizations.
    the dominant form of business organization.
    reverting to individual ownership.

  11. A small animal such as the rat must depend heavily on its sense of smell in maintaining contact with its environment. Its very size limits the utility of its vision because
  12. Your answer:
    it is extremely nearsighted.
    its horizon is so close to it.
    things look bigger than they are.
    it is farsighted.

  13. The author observes that the monarchs of modern Europe are really an unnecessary expense. Since they probably contribute little to the political stability of their respective countries, they may frankly be regarded as
  14. Your answer:
    stabilizing influences.
    economically sound investments.
    very essential citizens.

  15. Legislators in the United States say words that become law, but these words are endowed with exact meaning by the jurist, not by the legislator. It is the duty of the court to
  16. Your answer:
    interpret legislative acts.
    consider legislative reform.
    enact legislation.
    rewrite the acts of the legislature.

  17. Pollution is endangering many of our lakes. The oxygen in lakes is taken from the water by the process of decaying matter in the water. Fish that are good for eating require great amounts of oxygen. As the total amount of oxygen in the water is decreased, only less desirable fish remain--those requiring
  18. Your answer:
    more decayed matter.
    less oxygen.
    deeper and colder water.
    more oxygen.

  19. When radio broadcasting was in its infancy, its chief support was from unsponsored talks, plays, and music. However, broadcasting rapidly developed into a business--a business whose main income was from advertisers. Now, one of its principal aims is to sell commercial products, and unsponsored shows are
  20. Your answer:
    a public expense.
    also selling products.
    produced by competitors.
    allotted little time.

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