Reading for Understanding Two #99A

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  1. Children are frequently more particular in the selection of foods that they enjoy than are adults. One reason for this is that, with age, the taste buds on the tongue
  2. Your answer:
    learn with experience.
    are not important.
    lose their sensitivity.
    become more keen.

  3. In the pursuit of knowledge, as much can be learned from seeking as from finding, from journeys as from
  4. Your answer:

  5. A basic maxim of the British constitution is that the power of Parliament cannot be legally limited. If both houses of Parliament pass an act and the monarch assents to it, it is absolutely binding on the courts. No act of Parliament can
  6. Your answer:
    be ruled unconstitutional by the courts.
    become law without the consent of the courts.
    become a part of the constitution.
    be enforced before one year has elapsed.

  7. In a state directed by military force, fear is obviously a deterrent to any expression of opposition to those in
  8. Your answer:

  9. No ship leaves port without a "Nautical Almanac", which gives the data necessary for navigation. The data are usually given for three years in advance. The tables could be made accurate for a longer time, but
  10. Your answer:
    the prophecies are undependable.
    they are rather dull reading.
    they consist only of statistical tables.
    few cruises last that long.

  11. In the past much of the scenery along the U. S. highways was hidden by unsightly billboards. On the national highway system, the federal government has tried to prevent having too many billboards by helping to pay more of the cost of building the highways in states that
  12. Your answer:
    have lower incomes.
    have more billboards.
    restrict billboards.
    put up larger billboards.

  13. The effective theatrical setting must superficially resemble reality, but it is absurd to insist that a stage room should be like an actual room in any aspect whose discrepancy from reality cannot be observed by the audience. You would hardly insist that the devil could be played convincingly by no one but
  14. Your answer:
    an evil actor.
    a talented actor.
    a virtuous actor.
    an experienced actor.

  15. In the third century B.C., Eratosthenes, the chief librarian of the library at Alexandria, calculated the circumference of the earth. Though the error of his result may today appear of considerable size, considering the stage of development of human knowledge at that early time, this error was amazingly
  16. Your answer:

  17. Desire for peace is not to be equated with cowardice. Indeed any peace that is effected to ease the fears of the timid is ignoble and sure to be transitory. A stable and glorious peace cannot be established save by
  18. Your answer:
    older citizens.

  19. Let us assume that the earth is shrinking, that its entire surface is moving inwards. Since the earth is of heterogeneous composition, different portions of it would move inwards at different rates. The portions that were moving inwards at a slower rate would stand out in such contrast that the mountains would seem to be reaching for the sky, although actually
  20. Your answer:
    their movement opposes gravity.
    they would be moving upwards.
    they were not moving at all.
    their movement would be downwards.

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