Reading for Understanding Two #98B

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  1. Church architecture changes slowly. People quickly adapt to new designs in housing, schools and factories; some people, however, seem to think that church buildings must be
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  3. Assume that someone is charged, either legally or privately, with the commission of a certain act. If that person's friends, instead of defending the act itself, claim that that person could not have done such a deed, we may assume that in that community the action with which the person is charged is considered
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  5. Most modern carillons produce music of the bells with little effort of the fingertips on the keyboard, thanks to electronics. This is quite a contrast to the traditional carillon, which is played by striking the fists on heavy clappers. The clappers, in turn, activate the bells, which can weigh as much as a ton. In the latter case,
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    the music is less clear.
    only churches have carillons.
    carillons are more expensive.
    muscles and talent both count.

  7. Middle age is the time when we sit down to look back over our mistakes and wish that we could
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    make them thoughtlessly.
    undo them.
    make them better.
    make them again.

  9. In ancient times the Mediterranean Sea and its surroundings comprised the only well-known part of the globe. The boundaries between the familiar and the unknown, however, were vague. When historians in the eleventh century approached the outer edges of their contemporary knowledge of world geography, facts faded into
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    new discoveries.
    scientific investigations.
    mythology and legend.
    extensive migrations.

  11. There are machines for washing clothes and cars, and there are machines for repairing shoes and mending clothes. In many areas of life, we depend on machines for
  12. Your answer:
    the upkeep of articles we use.
    low-cost operation.
    training inventors.
    eliminating all work.

  13. There are certain levels of performance that cannot be reached as a result of specific preparation. Wisdom and genius cannot be bought, nor can we design any training that will insure their
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  15. Since this is a country in which action is consistently preferred to talk, lengthy discussions are
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  17. Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1911. She was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize and the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes. She was not barred from recognition because she was
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  19. Those pre-Renaissance painters who introduced the technique of perspective are acclaimed as geniuses, yet cartoonists and commercial artists today flawlessly represent perspective in their productions. It takes the greatest minds to invent things that are commonplace to their
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