Reading for Understanding Two #98A

Thelma Thurstone The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Voluntary mental exercise is the only way you can train your mind. Mental attainment can be said to be dependent upon a person's
  2. Your answer:
    own exertions.
    early training.
    college grades.
    teachers' qualities.

  3. Mistakes in the writing of history come not from intent but from neglect. This historian, however, has expended every effort to present a precise account and has been
  4. Your answer:
    purposefully inaccurate.
    unintentionally inaccurate.
    neglectful of the truth.
    thorough in her investigation.

  5. Before the days of engineering schools, there were two ways of securing engineering training. A student either could become an apprentice to a recognized engineer or independently could study a group of related problems until mastery had been achieved. In this particular type of problem, the student had become
  6. Your answer:

  7. "The things that can be seen, heard, and learned, " said Heraclitus, "are what I prize most." Thus spake the empiricist, to whom the only guarantee of verity was
  8. Your answer:

  9. Even the magnificent heroism of Leonidas and his brave Spartan troops, who were slaughtered by the mighty Persian army at Thermopylae, did not keep the Persians out of Greece. It only delayed their arrival in that country. The Persians were driven from Greece years later as a result of
  10. Your answer:
    the battle of Thermopylae.
    later battles.
    their military superiority.
    Leonidas' valiancy.

  11. The population of a country increases or decreases as a result of three basic operations: births, deaths and
  12. Your answer:
    migration in and out.

  13. In the United States, Arbor Day is a day especially designated for the planting of trees, usually in a special ceremony. It is celebrated at different times in different states because seasons
  14. Your answer:
    are fixed.
    are early.

  15. It is the perception of gaps in knowledge, rather than knowledge per se, that is important. Once a problem has been presented, it is comparatively easy to find individuals to solve it. The person who makes the greatest contribution is the one who
  16. Your answer:
    solves the problem.
    theorizes about the problem.
    discovers the problem.
    works on the problem.

  17. Ordinary people seldom understand experts, and experts are seldom effective in contributing to added understanding, for they are so thoroughly familiar with their field that they are impatient with
  18. Your answer:
    technical difficulties.
    complex problems.
    basic explanations.
    unproved theories.

  19. These people revel in privacy. Carefully, they plant their gardens between their house and the outside world. If their home is right on the street, they resort to window boxes, filling them with dense little hedges. Perhaps they cannot see out, but what a small price they pay for being able to
  20. Your answer:
    wonder who is passing on the street!
    prevent people from looking in!
    surround themselves with a bit of nature!
    please onlookers with their little gardens!

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