Reading for Understanding Two #97A

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  1. There is no greater satisfaction than that derived from solving a perplexing problem with clear, logical thinking. Geometry is a subject that furnishes this mental enjoyment; if pursued understandingly, it is certain to develop one's pleasure in
  2. Your answer:

  3. Among some isolated groups of peasants in that country, the infant mortality rate is more than half as great as the birthrate. Children and adults alike suffer from diseases, such as leprosy and smallpox, that are rare in medically advanced cultures. A member of one of these groups who dies of old age exemplifies the principle of
  4. Your answer:
    the natural superiority of primitive life.
    geometric progression of population increase.
    the necessity of old age pension plans.
    the survival of the fittest.

  5. We have discussed the joint responsibilities of the social and the natural sciences. In the solution of this specific problem, the social sciences have the more important role, and the role of natural sciences is secondary. Frequently, however, this is reversed, and the natural sciences
  6. Your answer:
    are of small importance.
    are secondary to technology.
    have the sole responsibility.
    have the primary part.

  7. The Panama Canal was a marvel of engineering achievement. For many years, it was extremely useful in moving freight between the two great oceans. Although the canal was still in good condition after about fifty years, it became clear that a new canal was needed. Modern ships had simply become too
  8. Your answer:

  9. Science has countless examples of the ability of animals to discern mineral deficiencies in their food. In one experiment, stacks of hay from five different fields, all but one deficient in some important mineral, were set up in a winter feeding lot. For three successive years, regardles of how the stacks were arranged, the cattle first consumed the hay
  10. Your answer:
    with equal enthusiasm.
    that contained all the minerals.
    regardless of mineral content.
    in a very short time.

  11. The lungs are never completely emptied. Some air is always retained; through the process of breathing, this air is mixed with new air. One of the values of exercise is the acceleration of this mixing process, which with ordinary breathing occurs only
  12. Your answer:

  13. Some cannot accept the position that war should not be waged until we are attacked. They believe that any sufficient evidence of impending danger for our country
  14. Your answer:
    is grounds for arbitration.
    will tend to weaken interstate relations.
    is a lawful cause of war.
    generally will be preceded by acts of aggression.

  15. In understanding the literature of the world, we must free ourselves from vocal and grammatical differences of the various languages that hide the actual similarities and identities that exist in people's minds. Words are only signs, and behind different signs is often
  16. Your answer:
    a grammatical difference.
    the same meaning.
    a difference in meaning.
    a similarity of construction.

  17. The scarcity and resulting high cost of printed material, plus the lack of public entertainments and other recreational facilities, gave the early eighteenth century lecturer and preacher
  18. Your answer:
    less value for the public.
    stiff competition.
    great cultural significance.
    a bad name with scholars.

  19. Although ancient Egyptian writing had been preserved for thousands of years, modern scholars were not able to read it until the French, under Napoleon, invaded Egypt in 1798. While building some military installations at Rosetta, they uncovered a stone on which the same message was inscribed both in hieroglyphics and in Greek. By the use of Greek as a key, after many hours of tedious effort, the hieroglyphics were
  20. Your answer:

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