Reading for Understanding Two #95B

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  1. Minerals are compounds formed of elements. Although some of the formulas describing mineral composition are quite complex, the very fact that formulas can be written means that each mineral has a
  2. Your answer:
    portion of oxygen.
    complicated structure.
    numerosity of elements.
    definite composition.

  3. It has become a popular pastime to lounge in metropolitan penthouses and discuss the enviable simplicity of rural life. From conversation alone, one would infer the existence of a general trek to the country, but that supposition is refuted by the
  4. Your answer:
    census report.
    farm journals.
    mail-order firms.

  5. The wood of tropical trees is generally so hard that felling logs and cutting them up is both slow and expensive. Transport of the lumber to markets is also difficult and costly. As a result, few tropical forests have been
  6. Your answer:

  7. The American colonists greatly resented the taxes that the English government imposed on them. The reason was not that the colonists could not afford to pay the taxes. Indeed, the colonies were
  8. Your answer:

  9. Even in times of comparative peace and prosperity, people suffer from malnutrition, including semistarvation or actual starvation as a result of disease, injury, individual poverty, nutritional ignorance, inequitable food distribution, and crop failure. These factors are aggravated in many parts of the world by population pressures whose demands tend to exceed
  10. Your answer:
    medical care.
    food production.
    conservation measures.
    the standard of living.

  11. It is conceded that a hippopotamus that destroys crops should be killed. There is no excuse, simply for the love of killing, to track the animal into the wilds where
  12. Your answer:
    there are no fields of crops.
    it is dangerous to go.
    other animals might kill it.
    there are game protection laws.

  13. In the early years of the United States, agricultural problems resulting from exploitive use of land became a source of concern. Public pressure for conservation was reflected in the opinion of one government official that "it is the greatest patriot who stops the most
  14. Your answer:

  15. From time immemorial, true believers sought to appease the jealous gods by sacrificing their most precious possessions, even their own children, hoping to placate their dieties so that
  16. Your answer:
    the gods' desires would become limitless.
    greater sacrifices would not be required.
    greater sacrifices would be needed.
    the gods would then be angry.

  17. It is easy to regard luxuries as essential. We can do without any article of luxury we have never had, but once obtained, it is not in our human nature to
  18. Your answer:
    surrender it voluntarily.
    regard it so highly.
    think it essential.
    wish for anything more.

  19. Air-to-air heat pumps cool houses in summer, expelling the household heat into the outside air. In winter, even though the outside temperature may be a little below freezing, the devices can extract enough heat from the outside air to warm homes comfortably. It may be that air-to-air pumps may become as popular as coal or oil furnaces in
  20. Your answer:
    wealthy communities.
    moderate climates.
    the cities.
    the tropics.

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