Reading for Understanding Two #94B

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  1. Although no one has yet found a way to control weather outdoors, we have learned to make any kind of weather we like indoors. This method is known as
  2. Your answer:
    air filtering.
    a closed system.
    air conditioning.

  3. The exact nature of magnetic and electric forces is unknown, but we know that these forces are not affected by air. They act in exactly the same way
  4. Your answer:
    despite our efforts.
    regardless of their magnitude.
    in air as in a vacuum.
    in every instance.

  5. Soils and streams are readily modified by changes in our woodlands. It is not commonly recognized that a large role in the determination of surface conditions is played by
  6. Your answer:

  7. Situated between the ports of Los Angeles and Seattle, San Francisco is the only good natural port for 1500 kilometers along the Pacific coast. Like the only hotel in a small town, it gets most of the business in the area because of the
  8. Your answer:
    absence of competitors.
    beauty of the scenery.
    efficiency of the advertising.
    superiority of the service.

  9. Proteus, a Greek god of the sea, was said to be able to vary his shape and form continuously at will. In attributing this property to their deity, the Greeks no doubt were influenced by their observations of the natural world, which is itself
  10. Your answer:
    covered largely by water.
    perpetually changing.
    the home of the gods.
    invested with magic power.

  11. Before superstition was replaced by understanding, the fates of nations were indeed sometimes change by the eclipse of the sun. History is one area in which the movement of celestial bodies has
  12. Your answer:
    caused little disturbance.
    occurred with regularity.
    been left to astronomers.
    played an astonishing part.

  13. "Fixed stars" actually move about in space, but the ancients who first saw and named them were unable to discern their
  14. Your answer:

  15. An "act of God" is an accident that could not have been prevented by a human agency. An example would be a forest fire resulting from
  16. Your answer:
    brush burning.
    a camp fire.
    human carelessness.
    a stroke of lightning.

  17. Rome's military victories created some domestic problems. Each victory meant that more slaves were brought into Rome. Finally, slaves comprised nine-tenths of the total population. The workers who were not slaves
  18. Your answer:
    owned only a few slaves.
    were only one-fourth of the population.
    were left without work to do.
    felt that the rulers were just.

  19. The majority of fatalities in fires have been caused by asphyxiation by smoke. The carbon monoxide in smoke causes dizziness and eventual collapse. To protect yourself, always act on the assumption that poisonous smoke and gases are present at the scene of a fire. Since an increase in breathing activity would lead to an increase in the amount of poison gas inhaled, it is important not to stimulate breathing, and it is safest to
  20. Your answer:
    walk away from the fire.
    hurry to put the fire out.
    discontinue breathing.
    run out of the danger zone.

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