Reading for Understanding Two #93C

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  1. Detailed knowledge of the past is a good basis for precise perceptions of the present. Other things being equal, the student of history, as compared with one who has never studied history, is more likely to observe
  2. Your answer:

  3. With full allowance for editorial caprice and editorial lapses, most publishers know their business. They are really looking for good novels in spite of what you or I ocassionally may think; no good novel, in my opinion, is ever finally
  4. Your answer:

  5. Some newspapers do not feel as obligated to inform their readers about foreign events as to amuse them. In one country, a whole page was devoted to describing a U.S. presidential election only in terms of election-day crowds. When the editor was asked if the report would include the name of the new vice-president, the reply was: "No, the purpose is to
  6. Your answer:
    entertain, not to inform, the public."
    show our disapproval by ignoring the election results."
    keep the space devoted to foreign news at a minimum."
    create a feeling of political understanding."

  7. A crop must have constant attention from the sowing of the seeds to the gathering of the harvest. Even then, it must be stored or marketed. Thus, the farmer's freedom of movement is
  8. Your answer:
    greatly restricted.
    dependent upon the roads.
    somewhat enhanced.
    dependent upon the weather.

  9. If the glaze and the clay body do not contract to the correct degree when they are cooled, a condition known as crackle results. If the glaze shrinks to a greater extent than does the body, it must yield. In order to correct this defect, the quantity of silica used must be altered. If the glaze does not contract as much as the body, it will blister and peel. This necessitates another change in the
  10. Your answer:
    necessary amount of heat.
    time required for cooling.
    silica content.
    type of clay used.

  11. A few minutes spent in conversation with a bore may seem like hours whereas hours spent reading an interesting book may speed by. In childhood, the days seem infinitely long; in later years, the weeks are much too short. Time does not seem to pass
  12. Your answer:
    too slowly.
    at a constant rate.
    at an irregular pace.
    but stands still.

  13. The houses in this new development are built from plans that permit enough difference in design and materials, both inside and outside, to provide
  14. Your answer:

  15. People who want to travel by plane at holiday periods should make thier reservations early. Air traffic is especially heavy
  16. Your answer:
    in cities.
    at midweek.
    at Christmas.
    in the West.

  17. We do not correct the criminals whom we hang, but we hope to correct others by these examples. Honest people benefit the public by setting an example. My errors are sometimes natural and incorrigible; perhaps I may benefit the public by making it
  18. Your answer:
    follow my example.
    avoid my example.
    venerate my memory.
    hang the criminal.

  19. According to the author, all art can be classified under two headings: that which expresses unfulfilled wishes and that which expresses the need for changes in society. In a utopia, there would be no unfulfilled wishes and no need for changes in society; hence,
  20. Your answer:
    society would have reached a stagnant level.
    social change would be preceded by deliberation.
    there would no longer be a need for art.
    many more divisions of art would arise.

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