Reading for Understanding Two #93A

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  1. In areas that have little rainfall, the raising of livestock replaces agriculture as the principal occupation. Herders take their livestock from place to place for water and grass. This sort of climate seems to encourage
  2. Your answer:
    intensive agriculture.
    nomadic life.
    trade and commerce.
    excessive precipitation.

  3. Human beings are predominately social animals. Individuals influence one another in countless ways. Even sovereigns do not
  4. Your answer:
    govern their citizens.
    lead independent careers.
    have responsibility.
    deal with one another.

  5. In the eighteenth century, people in England paid a stamp tax. Therefore, when such a tax was imposed on the North American colonies, very few English people thought that the colonists would
  6. Your answer:
    pay the tax.
    buy stamps.
    be satisfied.

  7. You must enter into any true friendship with your whole being; you must, in a sense, give yourself over to your friend. Since most of us have only a restricted number of selves to give, our friendships must be
  8. Your answer:

  9. There is a tendency for certain geological processes--such as the action of wind, rain, and ice--to wear down the elevations of the earth and deposit the surplus material in the sea. These processes, unless counteracted, will eventually
  10. Your answer:
    change the earth but slightly.
    create fertile plains.
    drain away the seas.
    completely level the land.

  11. Persons that can have communion in nothing else can sympathetically eat together and can still rise into some glow of friendship over
  12. Your answer:
    a good book.
    food and wine.
    football games.
    beautiful pictures.

  13. Publishing houses have found that the use of rubber, rather than of metal, plates in printing saves time. The rubber plates work with less ink; faster drying on the paper results; almost immediately after printing, the large book sheets can be
  14. Your answer:

  15. Here, while they are still on the trees, all plums that will later be dried are referred to as prunes. Likewise, in some places, cucumbers are referred to as pickles while they are
  16. Your answer:
    being planted.
    being picked.
    the proper size.
    on the vine.

  17. Fur seals and sea lions are very much alike in all their habits except migration. Sea lions do not migrate, but the migrations of the fur seals are famous for their
  18. Your answer:

  19. The boundaries of this territory were finally determined by legislation without reference to the geographical features of the land. The inhabitants of the area objected to this, for they had long considered certain features of the land to be boundaries. Thus, for many years after the legislation, the boundaries were
  20. Your answer:
    fair and wise.
    acceptable to everyone.
    gradually extended.
    a subject of controversy.

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