Reading for Understanding Two #92C

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  1. Perhaps it is almost as important that public speakers sound sincere as that they be sincere. An impression of sincerity is convyed not so much by what is said as by how it is said. The most persuasive orators devote a large part of their rehearsal time to
  2. Your answer:
    rewriting and revising their addresses.
    perfecting their manner of delivery.
    outlining the main points to be covered.
    expressing their thoughts in well-chosen words.

  3. In 1540, Valerius Cordus discovered sulphuric ether, but not until three hundred years later was the use of this material as an anesthetic demonstrated. It is not unusual that the discovery or invention of a new substance in the laboratory and the discovery of its possible uses
  4. Your answer:
    are not both important.
    retard the progress of science.
    are made by one individual.
    do not occur simultaneously.

  5. When the sun hides its face in the middle of the day, it is an occasion well designed to arouse superstition and terror. Eclipses of the sun often have been regarded with
  6. Your answer:
    fear and awe.
    little interest.
    tinted glasses.
    scientific interest.

  7. Sports fans today often do not show the same degree of loyalty as did their predecessors. They may discuss games and their chosen teams at length, but they also may change their loyalty in midseason. Such loyalty is very
  8. Your answer:

  9. A person may engage in strenuous physical exertion either for money or for pleasure. The use of a single group of muscles may be called either work or exercise, depending upon the circumstances of its occurrence. Exercise is distinguished from work because exercise
  10. Your answer:
    results in less fatigue.
    arises from another motive.
    requires less effort.
    is suject to less approval.

  11. The industry of ants has long been considered a good example for people to follow. Ben Franklin wrote that "none preach better than ants and they say nothing." By this he meant that a good example is
  12. Your answer:
    the best sermon.
    never found.
    less important.
    nice in sermons.

  13. In the United State, before territories could be admitted to the Union as states, they had to have a certain population. Since the people living in the territories were eager to become part of the United States, more than once they
  14. Your answer:
    sent representatives to the President.
    wrote articles demanding statehood.
    padded the census reports.
    petitioned Congress.

  15. We are not all equal in physical strength, intelligence, attractiveness, or health. In these characteristics, the law of nature is
  16. Your answer:

  17. The two children, pale and shaken, hurried to the safety of their home. There they recounted their frightening experience. Even as they sat, warm and comfortable, in the kitchen, it was hard for them to realize that they had really
  18. Your answer:
    been together.
    been badly injured.
    told the story.

  19. The highest mountain peaks do not have trees growing at the tops. There are trees on the lower sides of these mountains. The line above which trees do not grow is called the timberline. Trees do not grow above the timberline because there the roots cannot get water. The tops of the mountains are so cold that they stay frozen the year round. The timberline is lowest on the mountains
  20. Your answer:
    that have snowcaps.
    that were volcanoes.
    farthest north.
    that are highest.

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