Reading for Understanding Two #92A

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  1. The only evidence that a gastric ulcer is healing is provided by an X ray and not by improvement in the symptoms of the patient. An ulcer may remain active in the absence of symptoms. If an ulcer patient reports no pain, it is safe to say that
  2. Your answer:
    growth of the ulcer has been arrested.
    the ulcer has healed.
    the illness is imaginary.
    one symptom has disappeared.

  3. Natural ports are to be preferred to those that are the product of human activity, for the latter are expensive to build and tend to deteriorate rapidly. Hence, it is recommended that available capital and personnel be expended in
  4. Your answer:
    building artificial ports.
    building natural ports.
    improving natural ports.
    improving artificial ports.

  5. Some writers are of only historical interest. Their message may have stirred people in their own time, but it does not move us today. Truly great authors are those whose message speaks not only to their contemporaries, but also to
  6. Your answer:
    various nationalities
    succeeding generations.
    popular taste.
    literary critics.

  7. There is an old superstition that you should not give knives, scissors, or any such cutting tools as presents. The gift is supposed to cut your friendship with the receiver. But the spell is broken if your friend gives you a penny in payment. Then you can be considered to have
  8. Your answer:
    made a new friend.
    given nothing.
    found luck.
    made a good bargain.

  9. The hearts of birds and mammals have four chambers. It is possible to trace the evolutionary development of this four-chambered heart through the vertibrates. The heart of the fish is a muscular tube with no division into right and left heart. The blood is carried from the heart to the gills, where it is aerated; it is only after being carried to all other parts of the body that it is returned to the heart. In the circulatory system of the fish, then, blood is not pumped directly to the body tissues but must first pass
  10. Your answer:
    through each of the four chambers.
    through a muscular tube.
    from the right to the left of the heart.
    through the gills.

  11. Plant structure is partially determined by the plant's method of securing food. Most plants have altered their shape as they have developed their various
  12. Your answer:
    types of foliage.
    chemical components.
    methods of obtaining nutrition.

  13. Anatomy, the study of the physical structure of organisms, is an investigation of facts over which people have no control. Many of us may determine the course of our lives; a few of us may shape the course of our nation; but none of us through our own efforts can choose our own
  14. Your answer:

  15. Not only schools but also television, movies, and jobs contribute to the education of a person. This statement contradicts those who feel that immigrants can be nationalized if they merely
  16. Your answer:
    learn to speak English.
    retain their old customs.
    read about the country's culture.
    receive formal schooling.

  17. The sides of these sand dunes are even and smooth. The sand of the dunes is extremely light and rolls into any depression that is made in the surface, thus
  18. Your answer:
    creating a landslide.
    extending the area of the dune.
    increasing its depth.
    restoring its smoothness.

  19. A crew member of a United States space-flight mission is called an astronaut. Prospective astronauts are carefully screened to meet the highest physical and mental standards, and they go through a rigorous training period in which, as far as possible, all conditions to be met in space are simulated. Every effort is made to be sure that all equipment and all personnel are
  20. Your answer:
    trained engineers.
    original inventions.
    experienced astronauts.
    prepared for anything.

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