Reading for Understanding Two #91B

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  1. Competition enhances the performance of contestants in an athletic event. It has the same effect on the work of business rivals. The one laundry in town may be a good one; but if a rival moves in, the quality of the services of the first will be
  2. Your answer:

  3. The Society of the Cincinnati was formed by honorably discharged veterans who had served with the American Continental Army. George Washington was its first president. It was named after the Roman, Cincinnatus, who left his farm to fight for ancient Rome. Many of the soldiers of the Continental Army were also
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  5. In the United States more persons above the age of fourteen are in regular full-time attendance at school or college than in all other countries combined. It is obvious that the situation faced today by the secondary and higher institutions in the United States is not only unique in the history of education, but also quite unparalleled in the
  6. Your answer:
    contemporary world.
    high schools.
    history of science.

  7. The circulation of lymph through the intercellular spaces and the amount of lymph found there at any time are dependent upon the blood circulation. Failure of blood circulation is often indicated by the accumulation in the intercellular spaces of an excessive amount of
  8. Your answer:
    tissue cells.
    white cells.

  9. The North American colonists learned much from the Native Americans. The first American farmers found themselves in the midst of an entirely new culture in which it was more difficult to invent entirely new ways of doing things than to
  10. Your answer:
    move to the frontier.
    transfer European culture.
    trade with the Native Americans.
    adopt some Native American ways.

  11. Bach did not consider that the composition of any of his music was a very wonderful achievement. Indeed, to him, his music was so commonplace that, outside of his two marriages and twenty children, he thought that his life was
  12. Your answer:
    a success story.
    very domestic.
    quite uneventful.
    exciting and gay.

  13. No territory is off limits to the imagination, which fears neither police officer nor mastiff and may break through locked gates
  14. Your answer:
    without punishment.
    with permission.
    only at night.
    at great risk.

  15. At low temperatures, the body loses heat directly to the air. Damp air facilitates this loss; hence, with a constant low temperature and increasing humidity, we feel
  16. Your answer:

  17. Ideas can sometimes be communicated better by gestures than by words. It is much less effective to tell a person to leave the room than to
  18. Your answer:
    ask him to go.
    say nothing at all.
    point to the door.
    get up and go out.

  19. The grasses that grow in the salt marshes are not eaten directly by human beings. The grasses are, however, the source of nourishment for the microscopic water life which supports all the marine creatures that are important in
  20. Your answer:
    the human diet.
    vitamin deficiencies.
    all metabolism.
    ocean transport.

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