Reading for Understanding Two #91A

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  1. To locate hives, bee hunters bait a specially constructed box with honey and entice a few stray bees to enter. After being released, these bees return many times to their newly found source of food. At first, they elude their pursuer by following a circuitous path away from the box, but later, suspicions allayed, they return to the hive in a
  2. Your answer:

  3. The units of measurement used on earth are much too small for astronomers to measure distances between the various bodies in our solar system. When distances are so great that they strain the imagination, they are often referred to as
  4. Your answer:

  5. Ancient teachers sometimes acted in such a way as to make knowledge seem mysterious. Some refused to admit just anyone to their schools, and those admitted were pledged to secrecy. Plato himself taught certain of his doctrines
  6. Your answer:
    only to a select few.
    to other philosophers.
    to the whole world.
    though they were unpopular.

  7. I am relieved to hear poets and scholars speak of the dignity of work. It comforts me that the intellectual as well as the manual worker finds in the spade and hoe some
  8. Your answer:

  9. Glucose, a simple sugar formed during digestion, is required by the body as fuel to burn, or oxidize, its food. When this process of oxidation is impeded by organic malfunctioning, one's body must use its stored fat as fuel; then the person
  10. Your answer:
    sees a doctor.
    recovers soon.
    eats less.
    loses weight.

  11. Some critics say that contemporary poetry involves nothing new, that today's poems are composites of selective bits taken from the poetry of past masters, and that the method has developed at the sacrifice of
  12. Your answer:

  13. The author was noted for picturesque descriptions of the forests, swamps and rivers of Louisiana. However, in her stories she placed too much emphasis on the failings of the people of the state. This author excelled to a greater degree as an artist than as a
  14. Your answer:
    social historian.

  15. Soap dissolves, forms suds, and generally works better in soft water than it does in hard water. The difference is due to the greater amount of dissolved minerals in hard water. Rainwater, which is very soft, used to be stored in rain barrels to be used
  16. Your answer:
    for irrigation.
    to water gardens.
    for fire protection.
    in the laundry.

  17. The farm is no longer a self-sustaining unit. Rural communities now are interdependent with urban areas. The isolation of many farms has been greatly curtailed--even, in many places,
  18. Your answer:

  19. From a distance, the view of many industrial cities is obscured by a heavy pall of smoke exuded from factory chimneys. Residents of these cities object to the physical discomfort of a smoke-filled atmosphere and to the extra expense necessary to replace soot-damaged goods and to meet abnormally high
  20. Your answer:
    telephone bills.
    food bills.
    light bills.
    heating bills.

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