Reading for Understanding Two #90C

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  1. In the form of government known as absolutism, the ruler has unlimited power. France at one time had an absolutist form of government. Indeed, during that time the French king declared,
  2. Your answer:
    "I am the people's servant."
    "I am the state."
    "Let freedom ring."
    "The majority rules."

  3. The use of the pounding stone in cracking nuts, breaking bones, and crushing shellfish quite clearly revealed new food resources to primitive people and thereby, extended the possibilities of
  4. Your answer:
    making new tools.
    returning to nature.
    life and survival.
    the Stone Age.

  5. Mah-Jongg, a game of Chinese origin, requires much intensive study in order to obtain a high score. However, it is frequently played for entertainment because the rules of play are not particularly
  6. Your answer:

  7. The first reinforced plastic used fibrous matter to strengthen the plastic. This procedure was unsuccessful because the fibers assimilated water and then burst their bonds. Successfully reinforced plastic could not be manufactured until the development of
  8. Your answer:
    thinner fibers.
    expansible fibers.
    rougher fibers.
    nonabsorbent fibers.

  9. A sentence should not begin with a figure. Either the number should be spelled out, or the sentence should be
  10. Your answer:

  11. One of the most useful animals in experiments on heredity is the fruit fly beacuse it breeds prolifically. Thus, the results of selective breeding and of other experimental manipulation can be observed through numerous generations
  12. Your answer:
    with the naked eye.
    within a short time.

  13. One morning there were 348 refrigerator cars filled with onions on railroad tracks in Chicago. One railroad official said, "We badly need refrigerator cars for moving other perishable commodities, and we can't afford to have the cars used as
  14. Your answer:

  15. That Asian country is completely surrounded by other countries and has no direct access to ports of its own. We say that such a country is
  16. Your answer:

  17. Look into the sky and try to see a plane or a bird. Once you have spotted it, it is easy to follow; but you have to search your field of vision in order to spot it. Now try to point it out to others, and you will find that they, too, must search to find it. A large expanse of sky can be seen at once. Why could not the bird or plane be instantly spotted? Although the eye can see a large expanse at once, it is only in the middle of the visual field that fine detail can be seen. Look at the page on which this is printed and find a comma. It is a familiar punctuation mark that is easily distinguished. Now fixate on some letter a few lines above the comma, and the comma will become an indistinguishable blur. Human eyes convey a broad picture, but it is a picture that is sharp only
  18. Your answer:
    for near objects.
    for distant objects.
    in sunlight.
    in the middle.

  19. His term in office was marked by numerous difficulties with his subordinates, arising from his excessively stern and rigid concept of duty. He believed that to govern a group in a widerness colony that was surrounded by savages and by other enterprising and possibly unscupulous colonists, his control must be
  20. Your answer:

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