Reading for Understanding Two #90A

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  1. The art of pottery-making was most highly developed by the Chinese. As early as A.D. 500, these people were making glazed earthenware and porcelain that has not yet been
  2. Your answer:
    surpassed in quality.
    preserved for posterity.
    imitated by later potters.
    unearthed in excavations.

  3. The rates of heat absorption and of heat release are much higher for solid land than they are for water. Thus, people living far inland are exposed to abrupt alterations in
  4. Your answer:

  5. A mare that had fallen sick lay down on the rich herbage of the lawn, close to a woodside, that she might obtain an easy pasturage. But so many of the beasts came to see her -- for she was a good friend -- that one taking a little and another a little, they ate up all the grass in the place. So, though recovering from the disease, she pined for want, and in the end lost both her substance and her
  6. Your answer:

  7. It has been said that, after writing a great book, the author usually adds to it a preface and thus keeps it from obscurity. Whether this is true or not, in many books the best things are to be discovered in the
  8. Your answer:
    subject matter.

  9. Resembling a poet rather than a magician, the sleight-of-hand artist performed one amazing trick after another, with none of the flourishes typical of the
  10. Your answer:

  11. In life there is nothing more unexpected than the arrivals and departures of pleasure. If we find it in one place today, it is vain to seek it there tomorrow. You cannot
  12. Your answer:
    study it.
    know it again.
    lay a trap for it.
    replace it.

  13. The would-be author who spends too much time reading what others have written is likely to have few original thoughts to put in new books and hence will never be a successful writer. Such writers will tend eternally to read and
  14. Your answer:
    constantly to question.
    to get new ideas.
    seldom to understand.
    never to be read.

  15. Before the discovery of how light could be made by using electricity, one of the fuels used for light was natural gas. But the gas had to be piped to the lamps and could therefore be used only for
  16. Your answer:
    stationary lights.

  17. Any particular form of herbivorous animal life can feed successfully only upon a restricted range of vegetation. Geological investigation indicates that, in the course of the evolutionary process, each cycle of animal development was preceded by the development of
  18. Your answer:
    physiological complexity.
    massive swamps and forests.
    more primitive animals.
    appropriate plant life.

  19. The Lorelei in German folklore was a very lovely maiden who sat on a cliff above the river Rhine and combed her golden hair while singing an enchanting melody. Sailors on the river below became spellbound by her song. The shipwrecks that occurred at this spot were attributed to Lorelei's
  20. Your answer:

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