Reading for Understanding Two #89C

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  1. Homer's Ulysses ties the ancient world to the modern one. Its hero is not incompatible with the twentieth century; in fact, one feels that if Ulysses were alive today, he would soon
  2. Your answer:
    reform our way of life.
    despise modern life.
    adapt himself to modern life.
    be out of place in modern society.

  3. The veneration that common consent accords to judges is based on unshakable faith in their integrity. If ever they are even suspected of being amenable to bribery, neither their learning nor their brilliance could win back for them
  4. Your answer:
    legal knowledge.
    great fame.
    public respect.
    cases to try.

  5. Almost half the land under cultivation in the world is used for raising grain. Also important are fiber crops, forage crops, sugar, oil, fruits, nuts, potatoes and other vegetable crops, tobacco, rubber, tea, coffee, and cocoa. The farmer's biggest job is to
  6. Your answer:
    find enough help.
    care for livestock.
    keep healthy.
    supply the needs of the world.

  7. The extent of human capacity, if a person be given sufficient motivation and opportune circumstances, is demonstrated to be far greater than most us imagine possible. We have latent abilities that we generally
  8. Your answer:
    do not desire.
    use for personal gain.
    understand fully.
    fail to exercise.

  9. The automatic heartbeat is a matter of common knowledge. Many organs and systems give similar rhythmic responses. That of breathing is an example; the muscles used in breathing relax and contract rhythmically. But this process is different from the heartbeat in one important way. The movements of breathing stop immediately after the nerves of the muscles of breathing have been severed. This effect demonstrates that these contractions are caused by the rhythmic stimulation of the nerves that serve these muscles. This is not true of the heart. Even after all its nerves are cut, the heart continues to beat. Thus, the rhythm of the heart muscle is
  10. Your answer:
    determined by the rhythm of breathing.
    related to the general rhythm of life.
    dependent on the nerves leading to the heart muscles.
    inherent in the heart itself.

  11. The contour of the earth is uneven. The highest elevations reach up into the sky, and the lowest depressions are covered with water. The distance from the lowest depressions to the surface of the water is about eight kilometers. In other words, the
  12. Your answer:
    water covers an area of about eight square kilometers.
    earth has a diameter of about sixteen kilometers.
    deepest oceans have a depth of about eight kilometers.
    highest mountain has a height of about eight kilometers.

  13. Friendship tends to be short-lived when there is gross inequality between friends, for friendship is a give-and-take arrangement. A disproportionate share of either giving or taking does not foster
  14. Your answer:

  15. Universities require guaranteed predictable support. The entire staff of a university must know that it can anticipate regular salaries. The university's fundamental financial need is
  16. Your answer:
    government subsidy.
    high tuition.
    a dependable income.
    research funds.

  17. Oversensitive people are constantly suspicious of the motives of others concerning them. They consider that every conversation includes subtle derogatory references to them, and when people laugh, they are convinced that these people
  18. Your answer:
    are oversensitive.
    do not mean it.
    are amused.
    are laughing at them.

  19. There is little truth in the proverb that warns us that "opportunity knocks but once." Opportunity may not knock very loudly every time it knocks, but it
  20. Your answer:
    comes to very few.
    must be grasped at once.
    is here today and gone tomorrow.
    does knock many times.

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