Reading for Understanding Two #89A

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  1. The conduct and economic support of warfare were not very involved when the most significant weapon was a piece of chipped stone. Both the raw materials used and the processes involved in shaping this weapon were
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  3. When a national government establishes a national park or school, those possessions are removed from the sphere of exchange of the regulating economic forces of supply and demand. Insofar as objects are owned by the government, they no longer are concerned with
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    state control.
    competitive economic forces.
    civil service regulations.
    the welfare of the people.

  5. They have let nothing stop them in the achievements of their desires. If they have not committed larceny or murder, it was because these crimes
  6. Your answer:
    were forbidden by law.
    did not seem necessary at the time.
    constituted a breach of their code of ethics.
    involved the destruction of innocent people.

  7. Although the early legends are not statements of fact, they are of very great value to the world as illustrative of the spirit , the manners and the customs, the religious beliefs, and other characteristics of the race with which they originated. The value of folklore is not to be measured by
  8. Your answer:
    its fidelity to literal fact.
    the fact of its timelessness.
    the number of its adherents.
    the poetry based on it.

  9. The practical value of a knowledge of physical science is unquestionable. There is no occupation in which some knowledge of science is not
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  11. The cotton plant requires a great deal of sunshine. It does not flourish in coastal regions where there is much
  12. Your answer:
    cloudy weather.
    bright sun.
    moist soil.
    warm weather.

  13. A quotation from Plato: One who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to one who is of an opposite dispositon youth and age are equally
  14. Your answer:
    a burden.

  15. Dams may be used to create a reservoir that, in turn, may be used to control floods. These reservoirs should not be used until the flood comes. If they are utilized for storage under normal weather conditions, their capacity to control a flood is
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  17. It is far less expensive to prevent disease than to to cure it; yet, we constantly emphasize the therapeutic aspect of medicine rather than the protective aspect. Each year, we spend large amounts of money for doctor bills and patent remedies and much less for
  18. Your answer:
    modern hospitals.
    preventive medicine
    physical therapy.
    pharmaceutical preparations.

  19. Because of the greater cost of other forms of long-distant transport, certain kinds of freight must be shipped by water. Air freight, although very expensive, can be used when speed is important. Trains are faster than boats, and for some transport needs are almost as cheap. Very heavy products such as coal, wheat, and iron ore are shipped by water for reasons of
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