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  1. The heat of any object is determined by the rapidity of motion of the atoms that comprise it. When we heat a pan of water on the stove, we expose the pan and, indirectly, the water to the energy radiated by the flame, this energy speeds up the movement of the atoms that constitute the pan and the water. When we put a jar of water in the refrigerator, we create a situation in which
  2. Your answer:
    atomic energy will be increased.
    atomic movements will be retarded
    atomic movements will be accelerated.
    less radiation will be reflected.

  3. The interests of the average villager in that country were concentrated on the world formed by their family's farm and the village, as well as an occasional visit to a fair a few kilometers distant. Their world, which ended at the horizon, was very
  4. Your answer:

  5. Under conditions of rigid censorship and governmental control, criticism of the existing form of government could only be expressed
  6. Your answer:

  7. Western Europe is an important refining area in the oil industry. Since only a very small amount of crude oil is produced in Western Europe, almost all the oil that is processed there must be supplied by
  8. Your answer:
    the United States.
    South America.
    other countries.
    the Middle East.

  9. Sunlight contains some waves of such short wavelength that they cannot be seen as different shades. These are called ulraviolet rays, because the shortest rays whose hues we can see are at the violet end of the spectrum. A certain amount of ultraviolet radiation is good for a person, but it is possible to get too much without knowing it. Ordinary glass does not transmit ultraviolet light, so we do not get sunburned
  10. Your answer:
    in winter.
    from ultraviolet light.
    when there is snow.

  11. A study by the Veteran's Administration showed that the carbon monoxide inhaled on freeway during rush hours may be seriously dangerous to people whose coronary arteries are diseased. Such heart patients should avoid travelling
  12. Your answer:
    on long trips.
    with closed windows.
    in heavy traffic.
    in hot weather.

  13. The expression "Divide and conquer" dates back to the dawn of history; but, in spite of its age, the maxim
  14. Your answer:
    gives us insight into the ancient mind.
    applies just as well now as it did then.
    is found in all religious writings.
    must be reinterpreted for undertanding.

  15. Scientists know more about ancient civilizations than is found in written records from those civilizations. Researchers all over the world are studying the remnants of the past -- pieces of stone, bone, pottery, metal -- and fitting together the history of the human race. Facts about the development of the human race even prior to the invention of writing are no longer
  16. Your answer:
    pieced together.
    completely unknown.
    known only to science.
    the concern of the historian.

  17. It is our policy not to hire employees unless it is clear that there is a definite need for them that will extend far into the future. We follow this policy in an effort to encourage
  18. Your answer:
    better customer relations.
    a minimum of absenteeism.
    permanency of position.
    speedier employee turnover.

  19. Since building stones are bulky and heavy, transporting them is very expensive. This is one reaon for the opening of quarries
  20. Your answer:
    only where stone of the highest type is available.
    near seaports.
    near every city, if suitable stone is available.
    in mountainous sections.

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