Reading for Understanding Two #87C

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  1. Their profits lessened, and their debts increased. It was only with difficulty that their daily living expenses were
  2. Your answer:

  3. The great intellectual movements of history are not due to the work of individuals except insofar as they operate, much as links in a chain, as parts of movement that are
  4. Your answer:
    of little importance.
    soon lost in history.
    greater than themselves.
    caused by their genius.

  5. It makes little difference that the milk commission's authority to fix minimum and maximum prices for milk at the wholesale and retail levels was stricken from the bill; by controlling the price at the producer level, the commission will still be able effectively to
  6. Your answer:
    maintain its autonomous situation.
    dictate milk prices to the consumer.
    increase the vitamin content of the milk.
    control the quality of milk.

  7. The coxwain in a race has many duties. One of them is to make noise. The coxwain, no matter how wet, is continually shouting. In a race, a coxwain's voice
  8. Your answer:
    cannot be heard from the river bank.
    must have a bell-like quality.
    is soft and persuasive.
    knows no rest.

  9. In India as much land as possible is cultivated intensively, for there are mouths to feed. There is a long growing season, but the land is not very fertile. Rarely are two crops grown in one year, for the soil cannot withstand the
  10. Your answer:
    drain on its fertility.
    lack of rain.
    crop rotation.
    monsoon winds.

  11. For a long time, nations have voluntarily adhered rather loyally to the unwriiten rules of international law. Since there were no police to enforce international law, its functioning depended on the
  12. Your answer:
    prestige of the writers of international law.
    good will of the individual nations.
    appeals of individuals to their governments.
    armies and navies of the world.

  13. Words are symbols for ideas. The number of ideas and combinations of ideas that you are capable of producing is limited by the number of idea symbols that you understand. If you wish to increase your proficiency with ideas, you must first
  14. Your answer:
    seek technical training.
    improve your intelligence.
    learn how to think.
    increase your vocabulary.

  15. The ability to use good English is enhanced by careful observation of distinctions between uses of synonyms. A person who cannot tell a Chevrolet car from a Cadillac would likely blunder in choosing a car. If we are to avoid blunders in the choice of words, it is necessary to
  16. Your answer:
    study different meanings of closely related words.
    know the people to whom we are talking.
    learn spelling along with meaning.
    observe subtle differences in pronunciation.

  17. Swedish farmers found that in the cold climate of their country this type of wheat was unsatisfactory. Though it produced well, it
  18. Your answer:
    grew best if planted deep.
    was very susceptible to frost.
    required a great deal of moisture.
    gave very small yields.

  19. No one should be forced to be always in the company of others. Everyone requires some
  20. Your answer:

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