Reading for Understanding Two #87B

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  1. It costs more to paint a table with spray paint than to brush the paint on. Amateur painters can do a smoother job with spray paint, so they are often willing to
  2. Your answer:
    do extra work.
    make the saving.
    pay a painter.
    pay the difference.

  3. A big grin, a thrown-back head, and a slap on the thigh express an emotion that more inhibited people show by
  4. Your answer:
    shouting invectives.
    weeping and wailing.
    a quiet smile.
    prayer and fasting.

  5. Pure nitroglycerin is relatively insensitive to friction. A small quantity will burn brightly without exploding. Slightly larger amounts usually explode under the same conditions. Consequently, experiments with nitroglycerin should be
  6. Your answer:
    lengthy and expensive.
    conducted only by the government.
    limited to medical research.
    characterized by careful measurement.

  7. If you have a lively imagination, you need not go a step farther than a well-stocked library to find yourself in some far-off land surrounded by strange and fascinating sights. Most human experiences and knowledge have been recorded, so books can become
  8. Your answer:
    magic carpets.

  9. The lives of many victims of cardiovascular attacks are saved by the use of first-aid procedures. Medical treatment must take up where first aid leaves off, but it is not as
  10. Your answer:
    immediately available.
    easily repeated.

  11. Albemarle Sound is not affected by the tides, because it is separated from the sea by a long, narrow sand island. In fact, since the sound receives water from the Chowan and Roanoke rivers, it is almost a
  12. Your answer:
    saltwater lake.
    freshwater basin.
    much-used waterway.
    fisher's paradise.

  13. She was so tired of the monotony of her daily routine that she resolved to take any new job that promised
  14. Your answer:

  15. In the United States, many toll-road bonds pay a good rate of interest. In congested areas, these roads have helped solve traffic problems and have
  16. Your answer:
    made money doing it.
    paid heavy taxes.
    been attractive to the public.
    decreased accidents.

  17. Alphabets are necessarily incomplete because it is not practical to assign a separate symbol to every possible sound of human speech. Consequently, the same symbol frequently has to
  18. Your answer:
    be translated into different languages.
    be changed when written.
    be omitted in final practice.
    do duty for two or more sounds.

  19. On some plains and plateaus, the bulk of the soil lies essentially in the position in which is was formed. These "residual" soils owe their character to the underlying rock from which they were formed, to the climate, and to the vegetation. Soils that have been brought to their present location by running water are called "alluvial;" and, like all transported soils, they are not necessarily related in composition to the
  20. Your answer:
    climatic conditions.
    parent rock.
    vegetation that they support.
    underlying rock.

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