Reading for Understanding Two #86C

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  1. The Tower of London, an old fortress that now houses a museum and the large crown of jewels of England, is traditionally guarded by the Beefeaters, large guards in bright uniforms. It is said that they received their unusual name because an English king, wanting his guards to be strong and healthy, included in their meals large amounts of
  2. Your answer:

  3. The people who live around Mount Etna enlist the aid of the prickly pear to increase the speed of the the breaking up of volcanic lava. They put a branch of this cactus into every crack in the lava. The roots do not directly penetrate the lava, but they grow larger until they
  4. Your answer:
    produce fruit.
    provide shade.
    fragment the rock.
    dominte the landscape.

  5. His kindness was not at all verbal; indeed, his speech was gruff. His generous nature manifested itself only in his unobtrusive distribution of tangible goods to those in need. Before judging him too harshly, remember that
  6. Your answer:
    a bad penny returns to its owner.
    actions speak louder than words.
    it is more blessed to receive than to give.
    there are things that money cannot buy.

  7. In commercial undertakings, where success depends on keeping the customer's attention, it is important not only that the installations are attractive, but also that they be capable of easy variation; all too frequently, lack of variation is to the public
  8. Your answer:

  9. Large diamonds that are flawed often are worth much less than smaller diamonds that are flawless. Large rough diamonds frequently are cut into one or more smaller stones to avoid flaws present in the large rough stone and thus produce, in the aggregate, diamonds
  10. Your answer:
    for industrial use.
    of less value.
    of greater value.
    of greater size.

  11. When we go to see a play, we know that the actors on the stage are not actually the characters whom they portray. We are aware that the scenery is fictitious, that the actors merely represent personalities, and that when the play is over they will discard their costumes and sign autographs at the stage door. Motion pictures, on the other hand, are presented in such a way that our awareness of their fictional aspect is minimized. It is difficult to separate the portrayed characters from the performers. More easily on film than on stage do we identify the
  12. Your answer:
    distinctive style of the actors.
    artificiality of the situation.
    stereotyped roles.
    actors with their roles.

  13. Appearances are everything. You cannot, for example, sell a person shoddy-looking canned goods, even if the food inside is
  14. Your answer:

  15. The basic system of numbers is very logical. Multiplication is essentially a shortcut method of subtraction. But, since most children learn to add and multiply by memorization and think as those processes as separate tasks, they have difficulty solving problems that require an understanding of
  16. Your answer:
    relation between numbers.
    the learning process.
    scientiic methodology.
    language as symbols.

  17. Since they have no legal claims on the landord's property, tenants are usually interested in making only those improvements from which they can derive full benefit during the period of the lease. They seldom make repairs that will
  18. Your answer:
    increase their rent.
    be temporary in nature.
    outlast their stay.
    require personal attention.

  19. People may display wisdom in many matters and yet be incapable of deciding judiciously any qustion in which they are intimately concerned. It is best that in such cases they seek advice from a friend -- the doctor who cures others must, when sick,
  20. Your answer:
    expect to die.
    summon another doctor.
    refuse treatment.
    call agood friend.

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