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  1. Not only were the ancient Greeks concerned with the development of the mind, but they felt also that the training of the body was of prime importance. Less than a century ago, athletic activities in U.S. schools were practically nonexistent, and most persons thought that sports were a waste of time. Today, many persons are as proud of the athlete as they are of the
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  3. As substantial control over crude oil was the inevitable result of the absolute control that existed over the refined product, the monopolization of the refineries carried with it the
  4. Your answer:
    power to control the crude product.
    ability to sqeeze out other refineries.
    results of price fixing.
    monopoly of the refined product.

  5. Just as the first attempts at writing came long after the development of speech, so the first efforts of the graphic representation of numbers came long after people had learned to
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  7. Frederick Douglass, a strong slave advocate of human rights, worked for the emancipation of slaves, just treatment of Native Americans, women's rights, and better education of the poor. Wherever he saw human oppression, Douglass worked to
  8. Your answer:
    reinforce it.
    bring an end to it.
    gain support for it.
    get volunteers for it.

  9. It is not unusual for great writers to feel embarrassed by the lack of skill that they think their earliest works show, and to wish that those works could be
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  11. In the United States, throughout the great plains, farmers apply conservation measures to anchor their soil against the menace of
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  13. The majority of immigrants to the United States settle first of all in a very few states. Here they are Americanized by schools, community projects, and the like. After a few years, many of these immigrants move to different sections of the country. It has been suggested that to be fair, the cost of such Americanization should be borne by the
  14. Your answer:
    country from which the immigrant comes.
    companies that first hire the immigrants.
    federal government as representative of all states.
    state in which the immigrant first lives.

  15. The chemist concocts test-tube products that adequately simulate materials that nature only reluctantly makes available for our use. The compounding of perfumes was an early concern of the chemist, and now there are few perfumes on the market that do not contain
  16. Your answer:
    a promise of allure.
    synthetic materials.
    fragrant odors.

  17. In ancient times, the Egyptian city of Alexandria had a population of about a million. After the Cape of Good Hope was discovered, the ships to and from the East went round the southern part of Africa, and the trade that had made Alexandria great was lost. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Alexandria had only five or six thousand inhabitants. The modern city of Alexandria enjoys great prosperity, and late census figures show a population of about two million. This city has
  18. Your answer:
    enjoyed constant fame as a trading post.
    been the site of many wars.
    become a showplace for tourists.
    shown large fluctuations in population.

  19. Despite the demands of a daily column, Gibson strove always to keep her style lucid and interesting. Her ability to get to the core of a political problem and to present it effectively to her readers aroused the admiration of other
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