Reading for Understanding Two #86A

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  1. Next to the wolverine, the prairie wolf is perhaps the wariest of the animals--not expecting the fox--against which the trapper is pitted. The prairie wolf falls a victim to poisoned meat through its gluttony; in this way, the ranchers destroy great numbers of these wolves annually. But the animal is rarely
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  3. What became of his body was never known. His reputation was unstained by the way in which he died, so he did not outlive his
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  5. The U.S. Food and Drug Act requires the declaration of the presence of added salt in all vegetables processed by using salt brine. Foods treated in such a manner may contain substantial amounts of salt. That declaration is important to individuals who have a disease condition that requires that their salt intake be
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  7. There are differences in the degree and duration of immunity from different diseases. The first attack of some diseases will produce immunity for
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    all other diseases.
    a very short period of time.
    the patient's descendants.
    those in contact with the disease.

  9. Many English words were derived from the languages of India and were brought into everyday usage by the British. Some examples are bungalow, nabob, and shampoo. The coarse fabric worn by some Indians is called dungri in Hindi. From this word we get the name of our well-known
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  11. In very hot weather, much water can be retained in the air. In cold weather, the water-holding capacity of the air decreases. Other conditions remaining constant, the amount of water in the air will be greatest when
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    temperature changes occur.
    the sky is cloudiest.
    the dew is on the grass.
    the temperature is highest.

  13. If our only dealings with someone are of a serious and cheerless nature, that person will not long remain our friend, for a necessary rule of friendship is that there must be shared
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  15. Cocaine has one property that is medically valuable. That property is its ability to block nerve conduction by means of local application. This property enables it to be used as an
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  17. In the United States, millions of dollars and immeasurable educational prestige are wasted annually through "mail-order" sales of academic degrees by bogus colleges and universities. The "campus" of this type of university is
  18. Your answer:
    usually a post office box.
    enjoyed by but few of the students.
    extravagantly wasteful.
    scarcely large enough for the students.

  19. Chemists are able to carry out research under better conditions than naturalists can. Chemists, having chosen the materials with which they wish to work, may select a suitable hour and cloister themeselves in their laboratories, free from interruption. The time and place are of their choosing. They are
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    the controllers of chemical reactions.
    never free from disturbances.
    masters of their situations.
    dependent on the whims of nature.

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