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  1. A business that advertises its merchandise in the newspaper may prefer that its advertisement appear in a particular section of the newspaper -- thus, sporting equipment is advertised in the sports section, and women's clothing is advertised in the women's section. Businesses want their advertisements to be read by persons who
  2. Your answer:
    read the sports section or the women's section.
    cannot afford to buy the type of goods offered.
    purchase the type of goods they sell.
    read the newspapers regularly.

  3. Albert Schweitzer believed that whenever he helped an animal in distress, he was doing nothing more than trying to pay a part of the forever-renewed debt that people have to
  4. Your answer:

  5. Industrial managers are beginning to realize that good living conditions and efficiency on the job are definitely related. Insofar as these factors are related, management is concerned with
  6. Your answer:
    personnel placement.
    the quality of raw materials.
    psychological research.
    the personal life of its employees.

  7. The natural agility of goats has often been taken advantage of by trainers who have taught them to climb precarious structures, to stand on the tops of bottles, and to perform in other hazardous situations. This is in pursuance of the rule that all trainers ought to follow; namely, to make an animal do difficult things only in the line of its
  8. Your answer:
    inherent abilities.
    level of intelligence.
    past experience.
    trainer's whims.

  9. The army leaders expected that the great city, the stronghold and home of the king, would be difficult to capture. However, the victory, which they gained so easily, was greatly aided by the people in the city who
  10. Your answer:
    hated them.
    fought them.
    betrayed them.
    sympathized with them.

  11. Neither the power nor the wealth of the present inhabitants of a country can be much increased by an inquiry into the names of those early arrivals who destroyed one another many years ago. Yet, we see that no nation omits to record the
  12. Your answer:
    actions of its ancestors.
    sins of its enemies.
    aims of its government.
    potentialities of its posterity.

  13. Mr. Phamp was the grouchiest man in the whole kingdom. Scowling, he said one day, "Laughing simply ruins the shape of the face. The lines at the corner of the mouth should go
  14. Your answer:

  15. "Memphis Blues" and "St. Louis Blues" are only two of the U.S. composer W.C. Handy's songs popular around the world today. All his life, Handy wrote songs, performed internationally, ran his music publishing company, and promoted blues performers. Because he spent his whole life creating the blues and introducing them to the world, Handy is known as the
  16. Your answer:
    singer of spirituals.
    promoter of jazz.
    creator of the blues.
    happy trumpeter.

  17. Once upon a time, the Wolves sent an embassy to the Sheep, desiring that there might be peace between them for the time to come. "Why," said the Wolves, "should we be forever waging this deadly strife? Those wicked Dogs are the cause of it all; they are incessantly barking at us and provoking us. Send them away, and there will be no longer any obstacle to our eternal friendship and peace." The silly Sheep listened; the Dogs were dismissed; and the flock, thus deprived of their best protectors, became
  18. Your answer:
    enemies of the Dogs.
    friends of the Wolves.
    victims of the Wolves.
    enemies of both the Dogs and the Wolves.

  19. Barbed wire restrains animals within its confines by pricking them painfully if they press through. The introduction of barbed wire met with some opposition from
  20. Your answer:
    meat packers.
    animal lovers.

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