Reading for Understanding Two #85B

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  1. In raising plants indoors, the home gardener should provide for each plant the conditions under which it lives naturally. The cactus, for example, grows in the desert, where there are long dry spells broken by very heavy rains. In raising a cactus as a house plant, one should water it
  2. Your answer:
    thoroughly and frequently.
    thoroughly and infrequently.
    lightly and infrequently.
    lightly but frequently.

  3. In vey cold regions where life itself may depend upon making a fire, people use arctic matches -- matches that cannot be ruined even though they are submerged in water. The use of such matches in settled communities is
  4. Your answer:
    more expensive.
    mainly for celebrations.
    more common.

  5. The outcome of any battle is not determined by the quantity of soldiers, ammunition, or supplies possessed by the opponents; nor is the most carefully planned strategy or best organized campaign necessarily most successful. Small forces of soldiers with determined spirit and purpose defeat armies several times their size. Though historians, in retrospect, offer diverse explanations and present well-defined "causes" for the success or failure of a particular army, the actual result of a particular battle can only be determined by
  6. Your answer:
    the fighting of the battle.
    clever generals.
    theoretical speculation.
    the preparations for battle.

  7. Though beneficial results may be the ultimate goal of a particular action, they do not justify the methods by which these results are attained. It is not possible to achieve good ends if the means used to obtain them are bad. If the results are gained by bad means, the results themselves are
  8. Your answer:

  9. It is all right to trust, but never trust blindly. Merlin, wise though he was, lost life itself by granting Vivian's plea to trust her
  10. Your answer:
    unless he knew more of the subject.
    without losing his superiority in the matter.
    in all things or in nothing.
    in the things that a woman knows best.

  11. That the essential cause of obesity is overeating is so well established that it seems hardly necessary to point out that the effective, safe method for taking off excess weight is to
  12. Your answer:
    reduce food consumption.
    eat only twice a day.
    exercise violently.
    take specially compounded pills.

  13. It is said that in much wisdom is much grief, and that one who increaseth knowledge increaseth
  14. Your answer:

  15. When you are in doubt about a question of punctuation or capitalization, consult a standard reference text whose statements about grammatical form are generally considered
  16. Your answer:
    well written.

  17. It is not my intention to lessen the tribute paid to wealth that is properly acquired and used. My quarrel is with the
  18. Your answer:
    judicious increase of wealth.
    person who possesses wealth.
    indiscriminate admiration of wealth.
    capitalist society in which we live.

  19. Before the invention of the telescope, stars were thought to hold definite, unchanging positions in relation to other stars. But through the use of the telescope, astronomers were able to tell that the stars move. It is their great distance from the earth that makes the stars
  20. Your answer:
    appear so bright.
    appear stationary.
    move so slowly.
    visible only through a telescope.

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