Reading for Understanding Two #85A

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  1. The dauguerreotype was one of the earliest kinds of photographs. The word comes from the name of the inventor, Louis Daguerre. Daguerre was born in France in the year that George Washington was elected President of the United States. This explains why the picture that we have of George Washington are
  2. Your answer:
    paintings or copies of paintings.
    in black and white.
    very poor photographs.

  3. The lazy persons slips comfortably into an easy, familiar routine and is upset by
  4. Your answer:

  5. Many objects that are their introduction were luxeries seem to us now to be necessities. Ownership of these really superfluous items is taken for granted, and loss or lack of them lends to deep feelings of
  6. Your answer:

  7. In ancient times people were advised by oracles whose utterances were worded in such a vague manner that they could be interpreted
  8. Your answer:
    in various ways.
    by code.
    in only one way.

  9. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the people are imitative creatures. He stated that it is this quality that is the germ of all education in people. From the cradle to the grave, people are learning to do what they
  10. Your answer:
    want to do.
    see others do.
    are required to do.
    wish others to do.

  11. The same word means different things to different people. Even though the committee seemed to agree on the ideas to be expressed, a great deal of time and effort was devoted to the
  12. Your answer:
    length of the report.
    ideas of the report.
    wording of the report.
    printing of the report.

  13. After the colonial period, very few immigrants, either from foreign countries or from other states, came to live in the state. In 1930, with the exception of three-tenths of one percent, all the people living in this state were
  14. Your answer:

  15. Like the seed that was cast on stony ground, the communities founded on a staple trade sprang up rapidly, and sometimes wilted as rapidly. When the market is good, a staple trade brings profit. But dealers may be rich one day and poor the next, for staple markets are always
  16. Your answer:

  17. Some wild creatures meet danger by overpowering their enemies, others by evading their enemies, and still others by outwitting their enemies. The survival of the wild creatures depends upon the success of its
  18. Your answer:

  19. In western countries, flour is so highly refined that much of the natural food value is lost in the process. Since bread is one of the principal foods of the people, the governments have found it necessary to insists that flour processors
  20. Your answer:
    sell more flour.
    raise more wheat.
    make more bread.
    enrich the flour.

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