Reading for Understanding Two #84C

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  1. Many seed-bearing plants produce hundreds of thousands and even millions of seeds. Fortunately, many of these seeds produce weak plants that are crowded out by stronger plants. If this did not occur, we would be
  2. Your answer:
    without food.
    living in dense seedbeds.
    living in dense jungles.
    without seeds.

  3. For four years, the admiral was at the hub of operations, continually making decisions and giving commands. During this time, he wrote extensive notes and kept a diary. His book is based directly on that material. Nothing in it is from
  4. Your answer:
    a diary.

  5. They were both conspicuously brave and showed extreme calm in a time of great danger. But, they were also modest and unassuming and not inclined to
  6. Your answer:
    deeds requiring courage.
    lack of activity.
    talk about their own deeds.
    hard work of any kind.

  7. Leif Ericson, son of the Norse explorer Eric the Red, landed on the North American mainland about A.D. 1000 and established a settlement near the Newfoundland village called L'Anse aux Meadows. The Norse colony lasted for several generations. Archaeologists are working near the village to learn facts about
  8. Your answer:
    early Norwegian boats.
    the part played by Eric the Red.
    the climate in the year A.D. 1000.
    the early Norse in North america.

  9. City governments derive their powers from the state in which the city is situated. The city government operates under a charter granted by the
  10. Your answer:
    city commission.
    national government.
    state legislature.
    first mayor.

  11. In areas that have a cool, moist climate and a sandy soil, potatoes flourish to such an extent that their shipment to distant markets is profitable. In other regions, potato raising is remunerative only if the crop is grown
  12. Your answer:
    in large quantities.
    for export to Europe.
    in times of crop failure.
    for the local market.

  13. This particular community is populated by transients, people who are temporarily stationed at a nearby army base or who are junior executives in a nearby industrial plant and are awaiting promotion to other plants. In fact, one of the most common sights in the community is
  14. Your answer:
    a moving van.
    the local bus.
    children playing.
    a local party.

  15. Many writers seem to believe that human beings are an exception to the order of nature, or these writers picture human actions as being determined solely by the individual. But they are in error, for people are a part of nature and hence must
  16. Your answer:
    dominate the universe and its order.
    determine their own actions.
    follow nature's universal laws.
    exist in separate realm.

  17. The earliest observers of Niagra Falls were overwhelmed by its beauty and power. Their reports describe this discovery in glowing terms that become increasingly brilliant as the story spread from its original source. Popular notions of the falls became so exaggerated that many later viewers reacted to their first sight of it with
  18. Your answer:

  19. The first requirement of a good speaker is to know the prejudices, rights, and grievances of the public. It is only in this way that the speaker can reach the audience; for, before the audience can be won, the speaker must
  20. Your answer:
    have a carefully prepared speech.
    use common words.
    understand its members.
    avoid controversial subject matter.

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