Reading for Understanding Two #84A

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  1. The name hieroglyphics, from the Greek words for "sacred" and "carve," was given to the Egyptian form of writing by the Greeks, who believed that these hieroglyphic writings were sacred and that they could be read only by the
  2. Your answer:

  3. The people of Finland often refer to their extensive forests of birch, spruce, and pine as their "green gold." Wood makes up about two-thirds of the export trade in Finland and is the basis of its principal industries. The forests provide the farmers with fuel and building material, and the sale of timber provides an important part of their
  4. Your answer:

  5. Gestures, including facial expressions, are meaningful movements of the body. Gestures are utilized to express feelings and moods over and above those transmitted by words. Although friends may talk much, more is conveyed by their gestures than by their words. In like manner, parents may verbally threaten their children, but wise children will compare the threat with
  6. Your answer:
    the expressions on their parents' faces.
    what their parents have done in the past.
    their parents' love for them.
    the consequences of their actions.

  7. The wise know not only how to work, but also how to play. Relaxation is essential to reinvigorate the weary mind. Socrates, recognizing this principle, found time in his old age to learn
  8. Your answer:
    logic and ethics.
    physics and astronomy.
    music and dancing.
    history and philosophy.

  9. In the mill offices, a standard form has been established for written reports. All employees are expected to follow this form in submitting reports unless expressly instructed to
  10. Your answer:
    eliminate reports altogether.
    file seperate reports.
    depart from the standard form.
    file a supplementary report.

  11. Carbon dioxide gas passes through rubber with such ease that, if a toy balloon partially inflated with air were placed in pure carbon dioxide, it would soon inflate itself to the bursting point. If, however, this balloon were placed in air, it would soon
  12. Your answer:
    blow away.

  13. In 1970, Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian anthropologist, proved that people could have crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Eygpt 4000 years before the voyage of Columbus. His theory would explain how pyramid building and sun worship could have reached the
  14. Your answer:
    Pacific Islands.
    coast of California.
    Nile River basin.
    Western Hemisphere.

  15. During this year farmers reduced their production expenses to a greater gegree than their income was cut, so they had
  16. Your answer:
    more money left over.
    reduced markets.
    less production efficiency.
    smaller profits.

  17. In warm-blooded animals, surface area is important for temperature regulation, since the loss of heat is proportional to the amount of surface through which it escapes. A mouse, for example, must eat more than a person does, in relation to body weight, since the small size of the mouse means a large surface area in relation to its weight. A child needs relatively more food than an adult partly because the child is growing, but also because of
  18. Your answer:
    the adult's greater expenditure of energy.
    intincts in children similar to those in small animals.
    differences in type of clothing.
    the proportionately greater heat loss of the child.

  19. Most persons do not consider grass a weed. Unfortunately, however, there are some members of the grass family that are
  20. Your answer:

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