Reading for Understanding Two #83B

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  1. Pronouns enable a person to make references to people and to things without being required to
  2. Your answer:
    say exactly what is being referred to.
    seem boastful.
    direct attention to the person.
    repeat their name constantly.

  3. Since earthquakes occur as deep in the earth as five hundred kilometers, we can be sure that surface tensions are not
  4. Your answer:
    detected in seismographs.
    important factors in their formation.
    the sole cause of earthquakes.
    indications of earthquakes.

  5. The making of naval stores -- turpentine, tar, resin, and pitch -- in the United States dates from colonial days, when these products were essential to
  6. Your answer:

  7. One critical problem that researchers faced in the matter of solar heating was the inability to store heat for extended periods -- especially over a day or two when it might be
  8. Your answer:

  9. Antelope rarely live very long in captivity. The fawns can be tamed if caught young, though they are not very delicate and difficult to
  10. Your answer:
    raise to maturity.
    keep penned.

  11. Song is the most natural as well as the most universal means of emotional expression. This is exemplified in college live. Whenever there are strong feelings of friendship and loyalty among students, this emotion flows over in
  12. Your answer:

  13. Very few inventions can be attributed exclusively to the ingenuity and the effort of one single person. Inventions are usually
  14. Your answer:
    overlooked initially.
    patented immediately.
    widely employed.
    produced cooperatively.

  15. The "windy month" of March was named in honor of the Roman war god Mars, but this name was no indication of the disposition of the month, for in Rome March is not unusually
  16. Your answer:
    clear and cool.
    very warm.

  17. Botanists have long known that plants keep their calendars straight by measuring the length of the day. A spring-flowering plant blooms when the days have reached the right length for that particular species. A fall-flowering plant blooms when the days have become short enough. Both long-day and short-day plants, through controlled lighting, can be fooled into
  18. Your answer:
    flowering out of season.
    measuring time accurately.
    blooming in the dark.
    requiring no plant food.

  19. Each year, textbooks become shorter and at the same time convey more solid information. Their authors tends increasingly towards
  20. Your answer:

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