Reading for Understanding Two #83A

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill companies, Inc.

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  1. The rules of the game, which formerly called for four fifteen-minute playing periods, have been altered to permit a greater number of shorter periods. The game is now played in
  2. Your answer:
    eight fifteen-minute periods.
    eight 7 1/2-minute periods.
    four seven-minute periods.
    four fifteen-minute periods.

  3. Although all rock is subject to change, the changes take place so gradually -- an accumulation of 2.5 centimeters of broken-down rock material may take several thousands of years -- that rocks seem to
  4. Your answer:
    change unpredictably.
    remain unchanged forever.
    be greatly affected by the weather.
    change hue only in sunlight.

  5. Schnectady retains picturesque traces of its early days in spite of its industrialism; several colonial houses have been
  6. Your answer:

  7. We do not enjoy good music because it is new or unusual. Rather, its effect on us is greater the more
  8. Your answer:
    familiar we are with it.
    people know about it.
    ignorant we are of it.
    strange and unusual it is.

  9. Perhaps it was a desire for recognition of their ideas that led so many novelists into the field of journalism. Nobody pays much attention to the social theory of a fictitious character, but the same theory, when applied to the reporting current events,
  10. Your answer:
    acquires importance.
    appears insincere.
    is labelled as frivolous.
    has a limited circulation.

  11. The oryx, a large-horned African elephant, needs only one-third the water and one-half the food required by cattle to produce the same amount of meat. This makes the oryx a better source of meat than cattle in areas of the world that have
  12. Your answer:
    frequent drought.
    no water.
    great swamps.
    excessive rains.

  13. Although there was much talk about ideological differences, the trade rivalry of the two countries proved their conflict to be basically
  14. Your answer:

  15. If we are to improve the quality of this writing, we must do more than merely criticize it. We must explain why we do so. Inferior work is most effectively remedied when we know
  16. Your answer:
    who wrote it.
    who the critic is.
    exactly how poor it is.
    why it is poor.

  17. Coal is found only in those places where, during the passage of time, a specific transformation of buried plant growth has occurred. Those who would successfully mine for coal must first know where
  18. Your answer:
    miners can be hired.
    deposits are located.
    minerals have value.
    plants are grown.

  19. Many persons hinder themselves in the study of French by reading it at first as though it were English. Such persons ignore the special sounds of French vowels and consonants when learning the language and consequently develop habits that will plague them later on. It is best not to try if you are not willing to devote yourself seriously to the problem of
  20. Your answer:
    understanding of the language.
    vocabulary of the language.
    pronunciation of the language.
    grammar of the language.

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