Reading for Understanding Two #82C

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  1. The mutual dependence of people is so great in all societies that scarcely any human action is entirely complete in itself or is performed without some
  2. Your answer:
    reference to the actions of others.
    desire to have no influence on others.
    with to gain independence from others.
    undesirable consequences of others.

  3. Throughout many centuries, forests were able to maintain their balance with nature, even though fires or other disturbances sometimes temporarily upset this balance. However, when people arrived with spades and axes and cattle, the forests
  4. Your answer:
    were no longer useful to them.
    provided raw materials for civilization.
    could no longer maintain their equilibrium.
    competed with them by producing more trees.

  5. New acquaintances found him fascinating, but he gradually came to bore them. It was remarkable that he could remember every small detail of a story without remembering that he had already told it, just yesterday,
  6. Your answer:
    with the same gestures.
    in the same way.
    to the same persons.
    to large audiences.

  7. The marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables has changed greatly. Produce is no longer available only on a seasonal basis as it used to be. This change was the result of faster transport, better storage, and
  8. Your answer:
    lower costs.
    cooking arrangements.
    greater variety.

  9. I think I can say with truth that in my later years, though I cared in the highest degree for the approbation of those who were my friends, I did not care much about the general public. I am sure that I have never turned one centimeter out of my course in order to gain
  10. Your answer:

  11. The modern clinical thermometer is a small pencil-shaped device, but earlier thermometers were such sizable instruments that one writer referred to them as the guns carried by
  12. Your answer:
    police officers.

  13. We cannot say with certainty that the early Egyptians did not span rivers with wood and stone. We only know that, among the existent remnants of their civilization, as yet there has been found no sign of
  14. Your answer:

  15. Glaciers store up snow and ice in seasons of heavy precipitation. From their reservoirs, there is a relatively consistent supply of water for irrigation and water power in the
  16. Your answer:

  17. Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and arithmetic are all branches of mathematics. Everyone learns arithmetic first because it is useful in solving everyday problems. The other kinds of mathematics are important, but they are used for solving more complicated problems. Without a knowledge of arithmetic we could not
  18. Your answer:
    distinguish between shades.
    travel so fast.
    learn languages.
    make change.

  19. Today titles of nobility often merely indicate the social rank of a person, but in the old days they were also marks of responsibility. Years ago, the person who had a title also had
  20. Your answer:
    a certain fixed income.
    exemption from taxes.
    duties to perform.
    a good education.

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