Reading for Understanding Two #82B

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  1. The greatness of a book and its popularity are not interdependent. As a very popular book may not be great, so a truly great book may not be
  2. Your answer:
    well liked.
    well written.

  3. An imaginative child of an acquaintance regards the sky as an inverted bowl resting on the outer edge of the earth. He is sure that if he should ever manage to reach that edge he would have to stoop so as not to
  4. Your answer:
    bump his head.
    resist gravity.
    lose his balance.
    fall outside.

  5. Good news for persons who enjoy roasting sausages out of doors -- there now is available a hotdog skewer that will help to do away with charred sausages by providing a clasp to lock the skewer end. When the clasp is fastened, the sausages cannot
  6. Your answer:
    fall off into the fire.
    be forgotten by a busy cokk.
    roast unevenly.
    lose their natural meat juices.

  7. A group of organisms unable to produce chlorophyll arose and found that they could live by devouring plants. These were the first animals; from that day to this, every animal in the world has followed the habit acquired in the ancient seas and, directly or through intricate food chains, has been dependent for food and life on
  8. Your answer:
    the sea.
    other animals.

  9. Many devices will be use to raise money for the worthy cause. On Thursday night a well-known artist is going to draw a portrait of one of the entertainers. The next day
  10. Your answer:
    the portrait will be auctioned.
    the picture will be on exhibition.
    amateurs will be encouraged to copy the portrait.
    the artist will criticize his work.

  11. The goal of efficient study is maximum learning in minimum time. Students are expected to devote a large amount of time to studying, but little is said about the techniques of study. Too often it is assumed that the student knows instinctively
  12. Your answer:
    how to study properly.
    the value of study per se.
    how to avoid studying.
    the required subject matter.

  13. Besides the rifle, the greatest cause of the extermination of wild birds has been the draining of our marshes that serve as feeding places for migratory
  14. Your answer:

  15. Muscles require a supply of blood in order to remain alive. In coronary occlusion, one of the arteries that carries the blood to the heart muscle becomes blocked. As a result, the part of the heart muscle that is affected may
  16. Your answer:

  17. Most artists like to work with clay or other ceramic material because they can shape it directly with their fingers, in preference to wood, which requires the use of tools and is not as easily
  18. Your answer:

  19. We are not able to remember when we learned to talk. In retrospect, we can account for the acquisition of only a very small fraction of the vocabulary with which we are familiar. Indeed, the expression of thought in language is action so customary for us that, if we were unable to see children slowly learning to speak, we should readily believe it to be
  20. Your answer:
    done only by educated people.
    an instinctive action.
    he result of formal training.
    learned only with difficulty.

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