Reading for Understanding Two #81C

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  1. In areas where deposits of coal, iron, gold, silver, or other minerals exist in quantity and are located so that their extraction from the earth is economical, the industry of mining may be
  2. Your answer:

  3. It is possible to use a concept appropriately without being able to give a rigorous definition of it. Even scholars are hardput to give a clear definition of intelligence; yet when someone uses the word, we
  4. Your answer:
    strive for a perfect definition.
    are at a loss for interpretation.
    know to what it refers.
    have an authoritative definition.

  5. Most plants move important elements from the soil. The group of plants called legumes includes alfalfa, beans, and clover. These plants are able to take the important element nitrogen from the air through the aid of bacteria that grow on their roots. Farmers often turn these crops back into the soil, thus making the soil richer than it was before. Farmers sometimes call these plants
  6. Your answer:
    crop rotation.
    weed crops.
    wasted crops.
    green manure.

  7. Runoff is water that is neither soaked up by the ground nor evaporated into the air, but instead flows into streams. During wet seasons, when the ground becomes saturated and the air cannot hold more moisture, the runoff is
  8. Your answer:
    much larger.
    used for irrigaion.
    also negligible.

  9. Fable tells us that Orpheus, son of Apollo, played the lyre to such perfection that even the wild beasts were charmed by his music. Orpheus could walk through the forest and not be afraid of
  10. Your answer:
    the hunter's arrows.
    having an accident.
    the animals.

  11. Wood carvng has been done for many years, probably longer than stone carving. Unfortunately, wood carvings, like all wood, rot with time. Therefore, we are not sure
  12. Your answer:
    exactly when the first wood carving was done.
    whether wood or stone carvings are more artistic.
    whether wood or stone is better for carvings.
    when people began carving out of stone.

  13. Out in the forest, one finds fungi, mosses, and ferns living on the decaying materials of dead trees. Thus, in nature one finds life coexisting with
  14. Your answer:

  15. After six weeks of intense training, it was decided not to risk further casualties by additional practice jumps because such highly trained and specialized troops were
  16. Your answer:
    very hard to replace.
    anxious to get home.
    not likely to be needed.
    in need of further practice.

  17. Athens and Sparta were both Greek city-states, but they developed different types of government. Athens became a democracy. The word democracy is of Greek origin and means "rule by the people." In Sparta all of the governing power belonged to a handful of people. This form of government is called oligarchy, which mean "rule by
  18. Your answer:
    a few."
    a king."
    the mob."
    the people."

  19. It may be argued that, in outlining such a curriculum, I have assumed that the student's material needs will be met from some other source and have made no provision for fitting the youth to
  20. Your answer:
    earn a living.
    a life of study.
    study human nature.
    study the classics.

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