Reading for Understanding Two #81A

Thelma Thurstone -- The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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  1. Those who do only what they note everyone else is doing exploit only one of their abilities to its fullest extent -- that of
  2. Your answer:

  3. When you bring your hand towards the inside of your wrist, the skin of your wrist wrinkles into folds. When you extend your hand backwards as far as you can, the skin becomes taut. If the skin around your wrist were bound tightly to the tissue beneath,
  4. Your answer:
    the wrist muscles would be stronger.
    your hand could move only backward.
    your wrist be inflexible.
    your finger joints would be rigid.

  5. Telephone equipment is constantly increasing and being rearranged and this may necessitate the alteration of telephone numbers. Therefore, stationery and other material on which telephone numbers are shown should not be printed
  6. Your answer:
    in large quantities.
    by important concerns.
    at all.

  7. People with fixed incomes are fortunate in times of falling prices. Their real incomes increase because their money will buy more goods and services than they did
  8. Your answer:
    during deflation.
    when goods were plentiful.
    when prices were higher.
    after a war.

  9. The publication costs of most magazines are paid for from their advertising revenues, not from their subscription revenues. Most magazines could not afford to continue pulication if they did not contain
  10. Your answer:
    interesting pictures.
    feature articles.

  11. It is my belief that, when all is summed up, one can never speak of one's self without losing. One's self-accuations are always believed; one's self-praise,
  12. Your answer:

  13. Different green plants have different ways of storing the surplus food that they make. Some store it in their roots; others store it in their stems, or seeds, or in their leaves or fruits. Whenever we eat a potato we are, in effect,
  14. Your answer:
    killing the plant.
    robbing a plant's storehouse.
    making room for more.
    strengthening the plant.

  15. When physicists want to learn about electricity, they must study what it is and what it does by actually closing the circuit and observing it. They will want to know about the structure of the battery that generates electricity, but their real knowledge of electricity comes when they study it in action. Similarly, biologists cannot gain real knowledge of the functioning of the nervous system or of the movements of the stomach by studying
  16. Your answer:
    young animals.
    dead animals.
    sick animals.
    unconscious animals.

  17. On the steppes of southern Russia, seasonal changes are extreme; exceedingly hot summers may be succeeded by
  18. Your answer:
    unseasonable climatic conditions.
    typically rainy autumns.
    intensely cold winters.
    mild, pleasant winters.

  19. If you plan to build, you should employ an experienced contractor who has an efficient, carefully trained staff so that even the minor mishaps that are unavoidable on the job
  20. Your answer:
    will be eliminated.
    will seldom be noticed.
    can be kept at a minimum.
    occur with regularity.

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