Reading for Understanding Two # 80B

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  1. Up and down are terms that refer to position with respect to the middle of the earth. Up is away from the middle, and down is towards it. A line drawn along the diameter of the earth from one side to the other would be going
  2. Your answer:
    first up, then down.
    first down, then up.
    up all the way.
    down all the way.

  3. Cold air absorbs very little moisture and thus has very litle to lose. In fact, it is sometimes too cold to
  4. Your answer:
    go out.

  5. The Etruscans taught the early Romans the use of the arch and many other principles of the art of
  6. Your answer:

  7. Throughout history and in all parts of the world, many peoples have believed in some kind of life after death. This belief has often led to curious burial customs designed to prevent the return of the spirit to earth or to provide for the person in life after death. Much of our knowledge about the everyday lives of ancient people is gained from a study of
  8. Your answer:
    objects found in tombs or burial grounds.
    life after death.
    ancient diaries carved on stones.
    comparative religion.

  9. Frederick Douglass, the great abolionist, was also an active supporter of the feminist movement long before it became a popular cause. That the strength of his support for that cause never waned was shown by the fact that the last speech of his life
  10. Your answer:
    was published posthumously.
    brought him fame.
    advocated women's rights.
    was never finished.

  11. Good spar varnish, especially compounded to withstand wind and water, looks and smells like any cheap resin varnish. The great difference is evident only when both have been
  12. Your answer:
    put on the brush.
    used on linoleum.
    exposed to wear.
    examined superficially.

  13. Greece has a coastline that is so deeply indented that no place in the country is at a distance greater than 64 kilometers
  14. Your answer:
    from the sea.
    from the capital.
    from all its borders.
    above sea level.

  15. Growing plants take their nourishment from the soil; unless the materials they use are replaced, the soil loses its fertility. If the plants decay where they were grown, the materials are replaced; but if they are taken away, the soil will become
  16. Your answer:

  17. Old court etiquette, which was very rigid, stated that no one could ever lie down while a king was standing or sitting. One time, a king visited an official who was sick in bed. The sick man could not stand; the meeting was a very important one and had to be held. So, to solve the problem, the
  18. Your answer:
    meting was called off.
    king lay down.
    king and the official exchanged notes.
    king bowed low to the official.

  19. Like an untutored cook who grabs the frying pan no matter whether the food needs to be broiled, roasted, baked, or stewed, we use he same words over and over again to describe a wide variety of situations; and then we are puzzled that the results are always
  20. Your answer:

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