Reading for Understanding Two #80A

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  1. The climate and the soil conditions vary greatly throughout this small country. In some regions, the soil is fertile, and the people produce excellent crops of grain and fruits. Other areas are stony and barren. For this reason, this country is known as a land of
  2. Your answer:

  3. There is some doubt as to the origin of the peach, although there is evidence that it has been grown in China
  4. Your answer:
    in recent years.
    over a wide area.
    with great success.
    since earliest times.

  5. In times of crisis, there is a tendency to regard wistfully the "good old days," so that the virtues of the past seem greater, and its faults are
  6. Your answer:

  7. In being economical, one must decide where the best place to begin really is. Some families undertake petty economies that require effort out of proportion to the
  8. Your answer:
    happiness gained.
    money saved.
    family quarrels.
    time spent.

  9. The nobility of ancient Egypt were mummified by different techniques in different periods of history. Each of these techniques of mummification imparted a different shade to the skin of the mummies. The shade of a mummy now helps us to decide the technique by which it was mummified, and this enables us to determine its
  10. Your answer:
    period of history.
    rank in life.

  11. A congressional act of 1942 prohibited the use of the U.S. flag for draping a lecture desk or platform. The act prescribed the way in which bunting should be used. It reversed the historic red, white, and blue bunting and specified that the blue should be on top with white and red below it. Some people have not accepted this reversal from the traditional and still display bunting
  12. Your answer:
    with the blue on top.
    in horizontal stripes.
    with the red on top.
    on lecture platforms.

  13. The right to become a naturalized citizen of the United States cannot be denied to people just because they are Caucasian, Negro, Oriental, or Indian. Citizenship cannot be withheld on the grounds of
  14. Your answer:
    political affiliation.
    racial classification.
    inability to speak English.
    national origin.

  15. Once a flower has produced seeds, it is no longer valuable to the plant. Its lifegiving juices return to the plant, and the flower
  16. Your answer:
    is picked.

  17. Many city governments exercise supervision over building construction. Cities may regulate the height of buildings by establishing a maximum
  18. Your answer:
    number of occupants.
    ground area.
    number of stories.
    construcion cost.

  19. The earth is a planet in a galaxy of stars that we call the Milky Way. In the far recesses of space, there are many other galaxies, each consisting of thousands of millions of stars. Within the Milky Way, there are many more stars to one side of the earth than to the other, since
  20. Your answer:
    the earth circles round the sun.
    there are thousands of millions of stars all told.
    the system seems to the eye to fill the sky.
    the earth is not at the middle of the galaxy.

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