Reading for Understanding Two #79C

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  1. This particular metal was in great demand during World War II. Very few uses for it in a civilian economy have been developed. Since the war
  2. Your answer:
    it has been converted to military use.
    many new plants have opened.
    its production has fallen.
    scientists have realized its importance.

  3. In large cities, it is the responsibility of engineers to keep the water supply pure. Everyone in the city is dependent upon these engineers for the freedom to take a drink of water without worrying about disease-producing germs. Incompetence or negligence on the part of these engineers might result in
  4. Your answer:
    disinterest in sanitation.
    increased wine sales.
    a terrible epidemic.
    greater public appreciation.

  5. Smallpox was once a common disease. Many persons died of it; many others, who recovered from it, were scarred. Vaccination against smallpox is so effective that few persons have the disease nowadays. Quarantine and vaccination have practically
  6. Your answer:
    eliminated smallpox.
    cured smallpox.

  7. Pine processionary caterpillars always travel in single file--one immediately behind the other. The caterpillar that happens to be at the front of the file is its leader. If, as a result of some mishap, the line should become divided, the caterpillar at the front of the second section automatically becomes the leader of that section. Leadership is simply a matter of
  8. Your answer:

  9. In the pioneer days of flying, a plane could be halted after landing only by letting it finish out its ground run. During the exhibition air shows, to remove the risk of injuring any of the assembled crowd, the pilot always tried to land
  10. Your answer:
    wherever possible.
    far from the grandstand.
    as directed from the control tower.

  11. Since the introduction of good game laws, the range of the moose has expanded and is greater than it was only thirty years ago. Now, the presence of moose is frequently reported in regions where they were formerly
  12. Your answer:

  13. The California Fruit Growers Association has been successful in maintaining good prices for the lemon and orange growers of California. They have controlled the amount of fruit offered for sale so that at no time would the market be flooded with fruit, causing
  14. Your answer:
    people to tire of fruit.
    prices to become prohibitive.
    prices to drop.
    it to spoil before being sold.

  15. Erroneous beliefs concerning vision were held by even the wisest thinkers of ancient Greece and Rome. They believed that when people looked at an object their eyes sent out a ray that touched this object and obtained knowledge of its form, texture and hue. Vision was a type of
  16. Your answer:

  17. Members of any group habitually playing together are likely to develop their own concept of etiquette in the game. Strangers at the party cannot hope to impress the group with their own biases; it is best that they
  18. Your answer:
    play with the group.
    learn to play without any bias.
    adopt the group standards.
    not cheat in the game.

  19. Rivers form good boundaries between countries because they are easily seen, and crossings are generally easy to control. Occasionally, confusion arises when the boundary has been fixed but the river subsequently
  20. Your answer:
    changes its course.
    is deepened.
    is easily crossed.

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