Reading for Understanding Two #79B

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  1. One-half of the United States is watered by melting snow. Throughout the young arid West, snow water is the life-blood of major cities, industry and agriculture. To keep the supply moving smoothly, engineers must know in advance how much water they will have to work with. Therefore, they watch closely the results of
  2. Your answer:
    snow surveys.
    irrigation demands.
    water conservation.
    power projects.

  3. The young cricket is a carefree itinerant songster. It has no permanent home--a stone or a leaf provides shelter--and it finds its food along the wayside. In the insect world, it is a
  4. Your answer:
    nomadic shepherd.
    travelling doctor.
    worthless rascal.
    wandering minstrel.

  5. Each kind of seed requires a certain minimum of warmth before it will sprout. Many amateur gardeners have had the experience of planting their spring crop of garden peas several weeks before anyone around them did, only to find, to their chagrin, that all the peas in the area came up simultaneously. These vegetables just will not sprout until
  6. Your answer:
    the sunlight is sufficiently strong.
    they have been underground for a certain length of time.
    spring rains have moistened them.
    they have absorbed enough minerals from the soil.

  7. A statement written in longhand and signed by the witness is the best kind of evidence that can be obtained. Its accuracy cannot be denied at a later time by the witness since
  8. Your answer:
    teh court reporter can swear to its accuracy.
    a disinterested bystander can verify the statement.
    handwriting is harder to read than is typewriting.
    the witness wrote the statement.

  9. Diamond is used as an abrasive, or polishing material, because it is the hardest natural substance known. Diamond is one of the few substances that will cut diamonds. Diamonds not clear enough to be used as gems are ground into fine diamond dust and used
  10. Your answer:
    to polish the more precious diamonds.
    to make costume jewelry.
    to make sandpaper.
    as an ingredient in household cleansers.

  11. An undersea cable core is insulated with several protective layers, the number of which is dependent on the depth of the water. In the deep sea, where there is less danger from fish, anchors and other objects, less protection is required. In shallow water, the cable is very
  12. Your answer:

  13. Exposure to dampness and cold for a prolonged period of time lowers resistance to disease. Chickens, though ordinarily not susceptible to anthrax, are likely to contract this disease if kept standing for some time in
  14. Your answer:
    heated rooms.
    stagnant air.
    cold water.
    steam heat.

  15. In the time of Eli Whitney, muskets were made by hand. Because identical parts could not be fashioned in this way, the whole gun had to be discarded when any part of a musket was broken. Whitney solved this problem. He constructed tools that would make identical parts for all muskets. He initiated the principle of
  16. Your answer:
    diminishing returns.
    domestic production.
    high quality craftsmanship.
    interchangeable parts.

  17. People who have nothing to boast of but their illustrious ancestors are like potatoes--the only good belonging to them is
  18. Your answer:
    the future.
    good to eat.

  19. Some animals are the same shade as their surroundings; it is difficult for their enemies to find them. Some animals can change their shade when they change their background. This ability of an animal to fade into the environment also helps the attacking animal to be unnoticed as it
  20. Your answer:
    escapes from an attacker.
    steals up on its prey.
    devours its victim.
    runs away.

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