Reading for Understanding Two #79A

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  1. Of the top dozen best sellers in motor oil, each brand has a slightly different formula. Making motor oil is like making a cake; variations in the recipe are
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  3. The coming of the Saracens to the lands of the Mediterranean was a blessing to the vegetation of that area, for the Saracens had the oriental love of
  4. Your answer:

  5. A nation must rely on coal to do much of its really hard work, for the strength of human beings and of animals is insufficient to accomplish many tasks. Consequently, it may be said that coal supplies a nation with
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  7. Measurements of the level of illumination throughout the world have indicated very little difference between the illumination in tropical and temperate areas. On a clear day, at 70 degrees solar altitude, the illumination is about 100,000 lux
  8. Your answer:
    for both tropical and temperate zones.
    in tropical areas only.
    when measured accurately.
    in any area of the world.

  9. It is not the noisiest waters that are generally the deepest; nor has it always been found that those who scoff loudest at distant dangers and disasters are, in meeting them at close range, the most
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  11. It is probable that most dogs have little conception of the meaning of the words we use, but they understand our tone of voice. They respond immediately when we speak to them, for they are very alert to
  12. Your answer:
    vocal inflections.
    good care.
    kind words.

  13. The largest star in the Milky Way is about twenty-five times the size of the smallest. In general, the big stars do not contain twenty-five times as much material as the smaller ones. The big stars are big because the material of which they are made is very loosely held together; however, in the smaller stars, the material
  14. Your answer:
    burns itself up slowly.
    is more homogenous.
    is highly compressed.
    has a gaseous density.

  15. Some modern ships are too large to use the Panama Canal, but many others are small enough to fit into the Canal's locks. Though some ships cannot use the Canal, it is not yet
  16. Your answer:
    closed for repairs.
    deteriorating with age.
    too large.

  17. There are people who have but one good idea; at least, if they have more, they keep them secret, for of one subject do they
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  19. When other factors are held constant, the formation of clay increases with an increase in the warmth and wetness of the soil. An undesirably large amount of clay is formed in some regions in the
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