Reading for Understanding Two #78C

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  1. The factory system tends to boost production to such heights that in recent years the countries in which the system has been most effective have had difficulty in
  2. Your answer:
    selling all the goods that they make.
    estimating the market.
    making enough articles for sale.
    paying their workers high wages.

  3. Fossil eggs from the largest of all the dinosaurs, the sauropods, were found in the Gobi desert between Russia and China. Fragments of sauropod eggs had been found earlier in France, but the Gobi specimens were intact. The eggs were surprisingly small, about 15 centimeters across. This finding indicates that a newborn dinosaur was probably no bigger than a fully grown
  4. Your answer:

  5. The cost of transport in the Far North is high because the sparse population of this area cannot support the high-capacity, low-cost transport found in areas that are more
  6. Your answer:

  7. The climate in equatorial regions is uniform throughout the year. There is nothing that can be called
  8. Your answer:
    the beginning of the year.
    a change of season.
    a tropical climate.
    the heat of the noonday.

  9. The chain store has noticed that its profits have been declining in the past few years. Naturally, it wishes to remedy this situation--but how? Since it advertises itself as being the store to think of when inexpensive buying is considered, it can scarcely
  10. Your answer:
    increase the price of its goods.
    decrease the wages of its employees.
    reduce the number of hours that it is opened.
    improve the quality of its services.

  11. Instruments used in eye operations must be very sharp and sterile. Boiling water provides that most satisfactory means of sterilizing instruments, but since it also reduces their sharpness, they cannot be immersed in hot water for a sufficient length of time. Sterilization by means of an electric current solves this problem as this process does not
  12. Your answer:
    eliminate prolonged immersion.
    corrode sharp edges.
    sterilize the instruments.
    sharpen the instruments.

  13. The first western travellers who returned from India claimed that they had seen wool growing wild on plants. Large fields of this "wool" are now grown in the southern and western parts of the United States. The harvest is picked from the plants and hauled to the gin, where the seeds are separated from the fiber. Bales of the fiber are later used in making
  14. Your answer:
    cotton fabrics.
    woolen sweaters.
    fish nets.
    raw silks.

  15. The lure of material things motivated early voyagers in their explorations. Their adventures seemed only incidental to their search for
  16. Your answer:

  17. Wanting to praise the performance to the hilt, the drama critic wrote, "This company is not so good as they said it was;
  18. Your answer:
    but it is good enough for me."
    you will not be disappointed."
    it is better."
    the actors are inexperienced."

  19. Working on a family-operated farm permits more expression of originality than almost any other job in which one can earn a living today. On a farm, it is frequently necessary to deal with new situations in new ways. On the other hand, in a factory, any deviation from standard procedure is frequently detrimental to
  20. Your answer:
    family life.

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