Reading for Understanding Two #78B

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  1. Professionals are expected to sound like educated people. If they do not, there is a tendency to question their entire education. Those who use poor grammar and punctuation are likely to have difficulty in convincing others that they are
  2. Your answer:
    poor speakers.
    technically able.
    not well qualified.
    but slightly educated.

  3. It is through the system of coronary blood vessels that blood is conveyed to the heart muscles. When these vessels become impaired through gradual thickening of their inner walls, the channels through which the blood flows are
  4. Your answer:

  5. Iron objects rust and disintegrate when exposed to the weather, especially to moist air. Therefore, little direct evidence exists of primitive work in
  6. Your answer:

  7. It is possible to be loyal both to one's own country and to humanity. Mazzini, an outstanding Italian patriot, fought for the unification of Italy but was involved with a deeper faith in the unity of
  8. Your answer:
    the Roman Empire.
    Indo-European stock.
    the Italian peninsula.
    the human race.

  9. When a new product is placed on the market, the customers determine its success or failure. Research alone does not determine the popularity of a new type of food. Cottonseed, which has a very high protein content, recently has been prepared in a variety of ways as an edible product. Though recipes have been developed by scientists, the final test of the suitability of cottonseed for general consumption will be settled by
  10. Your answer:
    its protein content.
    its nutrtional merit.
    the consumers.
    further experiments.

  11. Fear is a hindrance to growth, for growth means change; fearful men and women tend to cling to their
  12. Your answer:
    present situation.
    future possibilities.

  13. The great peacock moth ventures forth in the blackest night. Its optical organs are so sensitive that it is able to fly swiftly through the darkness without touching the smallest object. This moth finds that the night is
  14. Your answer:
    well illuminated.
    extremely dark.
    full of danger.
    a time for rest.

  15. A "1" is a slang term used to describe anything that is exceptionally good. The term was first used by an insurance company that, in order to set marine insurance charges, rated the ships that it insured. An A-1 rating was given to ships that were
  16. Your answer:
    not likely to sink.
    known to charge high shipping charges.
    built to haul freight.
    used in short ocean voyages.

  17. Technicians whose knowledge and services are needed abroad are seldom willing to spend more than a few years in an underdeveloped country. Few of these people are willing to make the investment of time and effort necessary to learn the foreign language since their time of service would be ended before they could
  18. Your answer:
    become proficient in the language.
    be sent to another country.
    learn to get along with the natives.
    become career employees in foreign service.

  19. The ancient Egyptians were skilled in dentistry. Excavators have found mummies that had
  20. Your answer:
    teeth requiring no fillings.
    gold fillings in their teeth.
    unrepaired teeth.
    badly decayed teeth.

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