Reading for Understanding Two #78A

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  1. In some underdeveloped countries, the birth rate and the death rate are very nearly equal; over a period of time, the size of the population is
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  3. Prior to the settlers' occupation of the grasslands, the rodent population of these areas was kept in check by various predatory animals. When the settlers killed the rodents' hereditary enemies, the rodents
  4. Your answer:
    were controlled.
    moved away.

  5. Scarcely any creature that lives and breathes is as universally detested as the rat. Rats are carriers of bubonic plague and of many other diseases. They give some service as scavengers, but this is overbalanced by their
  6. Your answer:
    harmful activities.
    odd appearances.
    popularity as pets.
    sanitary value.

  7. During the American Revolution, the people of Canada remained loyal to England although the rebelling colonies tried to persuade them to
  8. Your answer:
    state exactly how they stood on the issue.
    buy territory from the colonies.
    join the war for independence.
    help England fight the uprising against the crown.

  9. Lichens appear to be composesd so largely of mineral matter that they seem scarcely to possess sensitivity. In some respects, they are practically indestructible. They can survive extremes of heat and cold, but they succumb to smoke. They have
  10. Your answer:
    limits of endurance.
    no enemies.
    little mineral content.
    no actual life.

  11. Correspondence courses that offer a great variety of practical subjects and the yearly procession of "How-to-be-better-than-you-are" books all bear witness to our passion for self-
  12. Your answer:

  13. There are always at least two sides to a question, but a propagandist will gain a great following simply by denying this and insisting that a problem has
  14. Your answer:
    only one possible solution.
    several possible solutions.
    no possible solution.
    no need for solution.

  15. In the forest, most trees grow tall and strong through a natural process requiring no human help. Why then should the trees in landscape settings need care when forest trees go untended? When people put land to their own uses, they alter the relationship of trees to their surroundings. Sometimes, these changes are subtle; sometimes, they are dramatic. Nonetheless, trees will show the effect of these
  16. Your answer:

  17. Our engine had stopped. No engine will run on fuel that has water mixed in it. It was I who had the clever idea of straining the fuel through my chamois jacket. I was pleased that I was the only one who knew that water could be removed with
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  19. Until relatively recent times, commerce was geographically restricted because of inadequacies of transport. Only luxury goods and rare articles were exchanged over long distances. As long as people depended for their daily necessities upon their immediate environment, crop failure in a particular area resulted in
  20. Your answer:
    the importation of food.
    famine and starvation.
    an increase in commerce.
    little misfortune for anyone.

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