Reading for Understanding Two #77C

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  1. When a fracture of a long bone results in the overlap of the severed parts, it may be necessary to apply gradual weight extension, or traction, to the ends of the bone. This stretches the muscles and draws the bones into their normal
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  3. Sharing joys and sorrows with a friend increases our well-being in two ways--it doubles our joys and halves our sorrows. Telling a friend of our triumphs makes our happiness twofold, whereas telling our troubles
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    dispels all our sorrow.
    lessens our grief.
    weakens our friendship.
    increases our shame.

  5. The temperature is generally lower on a mountaintop than in a valley lying in the same latitude. Temperature tends to decrease with an increase in
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  7. In 1867, the United States purchased the entire territory of Alaska from the Russian government for $7,200,000. The purchase was sometimes called Seward's Folly because many people thought that Secretary of State William H. Seward had made a foolish bargain. Actually, Alaska has paid for itself many times in gold and copper, fish, furs, and timber. If the Russians had recognized the value of Alaska, they probably would not have sold it, and if the U. S. people had recognized its value, they might have
  8. Your answer:
    established Air Force bases.
    made it a state.
    developed the mines.
    called it Seward's Luck.

  9. Beethoven wrote this symphony under conditions of great privation and misery, yet its ringing and happy strains give no evidence of these
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  11. The eagle was killed by an arrow that was made from one of its own feathers. Unknowingly, we may give our enemies the means of our own
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  13. It is now possible, by means of a snowmaking machine, for a ski resort to have excellent skiing conditions for several months. The snowmaking machines are expensive, but the loss resulting from a snowless season at a skiing resort may be
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  15. The growth of normal cells in the body is usually moderate and organized whereas the development of cancerous cells is characteristically rapid and
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  17. Temperature is really a comparative term. A piece of ordinary ice at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius is usually considered cold. Compared to solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), which has a temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius, or liquid air at -190 degrees Celsius, ice is
  18. Your answer:
    much less expensive.
    very useful for refrigeration.
    too cold to handle.
    relatively warm.

  19. More extensive brain development has enabled human beings to reach and stay at the top in the race of life. In certain ways, however, humans are inferior to various species in the lower groups of animals. For instance, fish can swim better and deer can run faster. Human brain development, resulting in unexcelled intelligence, has compensated for
  20. Your answer:
    intellectual shortcomings.
    having no tail.
    various physical limitations.
    age differentials.

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