Reading for Understanding Two #77B

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  1. For years, farmers have been saying that a wide brown band around the body of the woolly bear caterpillar means that there will be a mild winter. For the past two winters, the caterpillars have had wide brown bands, and both winters have been mild. Now naturalists are
  2. Your answer:

  3. Average conditions of heat and cold fluctuate in different parts of the world over long periods of time, with an accompanying variation in the area covered by glaciers. One of the chief factors in the formation and continuing existence of glaciers is
  4. Your answer:
    geological period.

  5. The subheadings of the index are arranged in alphabetical order, with the exception of important historical and biographical items, where chronological order is
  6. Your answer:

  7. Some years ago, workers who were excavating in Assyria discovered clay tablets on which boys and girls of four thousand years ago had written. A proverb on one of the tablets shows how greatly the Babylonians valued the art of writing: "He shall shine like the sun who excels in the art of
  8. Your answer:
    tablet writing."
    tablet making."

  9. Pilots of small planes are guided more by what they can see than are the pilots of large planes. The large planes have many instruments that guide the pilots. This is one reason that flying at night is safer for
  10. Your answer:
    ground crews.
    large planes.

  11. Even students who have never used a microscope before will find using one easy after only the briefest preliminary explanation. Teachers who use it will have more time to devote to subject matter, for less time will be required for
  12. Your answer:
    giving directions.
    writing examinations.
    lesson preparation.
    observing slides.

  13. All of us know that liquids evaporate. Some, such as alcohol, evaporate rapidly; others, such as oils, evaporate slowly. Most persons do not realize that solids sometimes evaporate without first melting into a liquid. Mothballs in a closet gradually become smaller because they evaporate, changing directly from a solid state to a gaseous one. Ice can evaporate without melting; for example, icicles can completely disappear although the temperature does not go above
  14. Your answer:
    five degrees Celsius.
    the December average.
    the boiling point.
    the melting point.

  15. It is our intent to work until our national life corresponds exactly with the plans that we have kept in our minds and hearts. Our task is one of
  16. Your answer:

  17. When air is heated, it expands. Blow air into a balloon until the surface of the balloon is smooth. Then, hold the balloon near a moderate heat source. The balloon will
  18. Your answer:
    become larger.
    burst into flames.
    gradually deflate.
    slowly melt.

  19. There is an ironic old saying that it is the shoemaker's children who go without shoes. Another saying with the same point is that it is the baker's family that
  20. Your answer:
    eats only cake.
    never has shoes.
    always is plump.
    goes without bread.

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