Reading for Understanding Two #77A

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  1. The earliest traces of Native Americans are found in Mexico and in Peru. Although the earliest pyramids of Mexico are not so old as those of Egypt, they are believed to have been built many centuries before the birth of Christ. The ancient native American civilizations had reached great accomplishments in government, building, weaving and making pottery many centuries before Columbus came to America in the fifteenth century. Even so, the Americas are often referred to as the
  2. Your answer:
    land of opportunity.
    birthplace of liberty.
    melting pot.
    New World.

  3. If people desire to make use of someone's inventions, they should be willing to pay something for the
  4. Your answer:

  5. Air plants get all the raw materials they need for foodmaking from the air, so, unlike parasites, they do not take food from the trees on which they grow. Air plants have no roots and therefore cannot grow in soil. Instead, they perch on other plants, frequently trees, and on rocks. The Florida moss is an air plant that hangs from trees but relies for its food
  6. Your answer:
    entirely on the air.
    partly on the tree.
    on salt water.
    on the soil.

  7. At times, a tornado passes over with very little loss of either life or property, but at other times the damage is
  8. Your answer:

  9. It is imperative that a speaker's style be appropriate to the subject. Words and gestures should seem so natural that the attention of the audience will not be distracted by them but will be devoted wholly to
  10. Your answer:
    noting the speaker's eloquence.
    considering the choice of words.
    studying the speaker's style.
    following the course of thought.

  11. When it is hot outside, our bodies perspire. When the perspiration evaporates, we feel cooler; we are cooler. If there is already much moisture in the air, the moisture of our skin evaporates more slowly. Even if the temperature is exactly the same on two days, we may feel hotter on one of these days because on that day
  12. Your answer:
    there is more moisture in the air.
    perspiration evaporates too rapidly.
    we perspire more.
    there is less moisture in the air.

  13. Several years are required for apprentices to learn their trades and become experts. During the training period, they are employed as helpers to
  14. Your answer:
    master artisans.
    their friends.
    the government.
    other apprentices.

  15. Blueberries grow in more parts of the world than does any other fruit. They grow wild in Scandanavia, Russia, and in North and South America. They supply the Eskimos with Vitamin C since these berries even grow
  16. Your answer:
    on Mars.
    at the equator.
    in the Arctic.
    at the South Pole.

  17. Some industrial plants use brightly painted equipment for a special reason. The hue gives information about the equipment. A pipe painted red, for example, may mean "hot water." If the information is to be given in this manner, then any particular shade must be used to mean
  18. Your answer:
    only one thing.
    two or three things.
    something useful.
    hot water.

  19. Ideas are essential in the "diet" of business. A business "gets hungry" somewhat as a person does. People cannot live without food, and businesses cannot thrive without
  20. Your answer:

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