Reading for Understanding Two #76A

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  1. It has been said that knowledge is power, but greater power lies in the ability to utilize knowledge. A trained and powerful mind surely contains something, but its chief value consists in what it
  2. Your answer:
    can do.

  3. The unrestrained voices of two youngsters embroiled in an argument are particularly hard on elderly nerves since debates among the very young seem to be decided entirely by
  4. Your answer:
    lung power.

  5. These researchers believe that the vocabulary of a language can be divided into two general classes: learned words and popular words. Popular words are those that no one can remember learning--words like "food" or "going." They call them popular words because
  6. Your answer:
    they have concrete meanings.
    everyone knows them.
    they are monosyllabic.
    everyone likes them.

  7. The characteristics of a soil are determined partly by the kind of rock from which it has developed and largely by the weather conditions to which it has been exposed. Hence, all soil developing in the same climate will tend to
  8. Your answer:
    become much alike in time.
    be of very different kinds.
    lose its fertility.
    be rich in mineral content.

  9. Often the purchase of one fine item requires the purchase of several more so that your appearance may be all of a piece. Poor Richard says, "It is easier to suppress the first desire than to
  10. Your answer:
    decide what should follow."
    satisfy all that follow it."
    have to borrow money."
    consult your purse."

  11. Certain kinds of light attract insects more than other kinds do. White light and blue light attract insects more than do red or yellow lights. Some people use this knowledge to reduce the number of insects around their porch lights at night by
  12. Your answer:
    painting their porches blue.
    painting their houses white.
    using white light bulbs.
    using yellow light bulbs.

  13. Some exhibitors and sale representatives at the automobile exhibition have been disappointed with sales results so far, but it is difficult to find a situation in which all exhibitors
  14. Your answer:
    have many products.
    display like goods.
    please the public.
    are dissatisfied.

  15. A pair of coyotes, working cooperatively, can occasionally run down as large an animal as an antelope. Their strategy consists in running along, some distance apart, keeping the antelope zigzagging between them. Eventually, the antelope, exhausted by its fruitless efforts to escape its pursuers,
  16. Your answer:
    attacks the coyotes.
    eludes its attackers.
    fights desperately for survival.
    becomes easy prey.

  17. Relations between the two countries that had a common border had long been fraught with apparently insurmountable differences; indeed, these countries had come to be regarded as
  18. Your answer:
    traditional enemies.
    balanced in power.
    geographically related.
    guardians of liberty.

  19. The town was very close to the enemy border and would certainly be in the path of the invading army. Its people were anxiously preparing for the invaders. An atmosphere of impending doom lay over the town; in the warehouses of the Red Cross, the atmosphere was quietly industrious. There, people had no fears, for both countries had guaranteed protection to the property of the Red Cross, which stood as if in the path of an erupting volcano, yet was immune to destruction. Because the flag of the Red Cross flew over the warehouses, they would be
  20. Your answer:
    destroyed by the armies.
    unmolested by the armies.
    looted by the armies.
    rebuilt by the armies.

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