Reading for Understanding Two # 75C

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  1. The solution to that country's food problem lay not in long-distance importation but in improved local granary storage and short-distance transport. In typical famines, people often starved to death
  2. Your answer:
    because of the callousness of foreigners.
    rather than work for their food.
    within a hundred miles of food.
    rather than accept charity.

  3. Fish cannot distinguish between hues. Although they may appear to do so, their discrimination is based only on brightness and saturation. When I told this to a group of anglers, they patted the various attractive flies that had served them so successfully, shook their heads over my gullibility, and
  4. Your answer:
    admired my knowledge.
    never caught another fish.
    threw their flies away.
    laughed at me.

  5. Of all the pleasures of gardening, one of the most satisfying is watching the germination and growth of seed. With the new methods and materials being offered, growing plants from seed is as economical and convenient as it is
  6. Your answer:

  7. The Amazons were a legendary race of warrior women who came to the aid of the Trojans in their war with Greece. They were swift and strong, and they were excellent shots with their bows and arrows. We use the term Amazon to describe a woman who
  8. Your answer:
    uses rough language.
    is legendary.
    is large and strong.
    is Greek.

  9. Our courts punlish known offenders so that potential offenders may be warned against transgression. To punish in order to avenge what has been done is futile, for an act once committed is irrevocable. Punishment is justifiable because those who hear of it may avoid following the offender's example and because the person who has been punished may refrain from
  10. Your answer:
    repeating the offense.
    submitting to justice.
    being angered by the punishment.
    admitting guilt.

  11. Wood from the beech tree is durable because it is hard, close-grained and resistant to water. Beechwood is well suited for the manufacture of furniture and bowls and for
  12. Your answer:
    kindling wood.
    paper mills.
    underwater construction.

  13. Sharp curves and steep grades force a locomotive to pull lighter loads than usual. Thus, the cost per metric ton per kilometer of goods transported is
  14. Your answer:

  15. All of the houses that the lumber industry has built for display have two features in common--they are moderate in price and they
  16. Your answer:
    are built of wood.
    are near shopping districts.
    have two or more bedrooms.
    have been landscaped.

  17. Carbon dioxide is constantly being given off into the air by people, animals, and fires. If other factors did not check or utilize the carbon dioxide, within a short time the percentage of this gas in the atmosphere would
  18. Your answer:
    no longer be formed.
    decrease in importance.
    be reduced.
    increase enormously.

  19. Delaware is not quite the smallest state in the United States; it is larger than Rhode Island. Because it is so highly industrialized, Delaware has great wealth in spite of its size. It is sometimes called the
  20. Your answer:
    Blue Hen State.
    Bay State.
    First State.
    Diamond State.

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