Reading for Understanding Two #75B

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  1. Fish are cold-blooded and have the same temperature as the water around them. Those in the waters of the coldest regions of the world
  2. Your answer:
    freeze to death.
    are not good to eat.
    are warm-blooded.
    are unharmed by the icy waters.

  3. The development of atomic energy would not have been possible without the cooperation of specialists from many fields. Contributions came from such diversified sources as electronics, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The mere fact that we can use atomic energy is a tribute to
  4. Your answer:

  5. Tin cans permit the dweller in both the arctic and the tropical regions to enjoy good foods of the temperate zone; even more important, they permit the population of the temperate zones to have a variety of foods
  6. Your answer:
    that are not canned.
    in all seasons.
    regardless of price.
    from the arctic.

  7. Accidents often occur in remote areas far from any modern hospital. Lives have been saved by flying injured people directly to large city hospitals where the roof is equipped with
  8. Your answer:
    television aerials.
    a helicopter landing pad.
    jet runways.
    a flagpole.

  9. Sometimes when we are interested in a TV play, we are annoyed by the interruption for the commercial. We must not forget that the advertiser pays for the production of the play and that we pay for our ticket to the show when we
  10. Your answer:
    pay our taxes.
    enjoy the play.
    send in a check.
    listen to the commercial.

  11. Lack of money to pay for a purchase never deterred our friend, who would buy almost anything as long as it could be
  12. Your answer:

  13. No object is of itself capable of movement. Sometimes small bodies may appear to move by themselves, but closer investigation shows that they do not. Light objects may appear to be self-propelled because they are very easily moved. In order for any object to move,
  14. Your answer:
    an outside force is required.
    it must possess moving parts.
    no effort is necessary.
    it must be very small.

  15. When we become discouraged about solving our problems, a suggestion or word of encouragement from old-timers is helpful. We feel that their confidence in the community's ability to solve its problems is irresistible because it is based on their
  16. Your answer:

  17. Today's baseball games are too often dragged out to dreary, argumentative, three-hour marathons; slow-moving, histrionic pitchers are primarily responsible for the
  18. Your answer:

  19. Aesop may have been a Greek who lived in the sixth century B.C., or he may have been a purely fictional character. Aesop's fables about animals that talk and act like human beings are still popular with young and old. Each story has a serious lesson to teach; thus, many of them are quoted as
  20. Your answer:
    unsuitable for children.
    accounts of Greek history.
    guides to conduct.
    stories for animal lovers.

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