Reading for Understanding Two # 75A

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  1. On his return to Spain, Columbus brought with him rubber balls that he had seen the Native Americans use at play. Thus, he is credited with having introduced rubber into
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  3. When times are hard and housing is scarce, several generations of one family may live together in order to
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    share each other's companionship during the crisis.
    cut down the expense of shelter.
    conserve our nation's lumber supply.
    reduce government housing expenditure.

  5. A driver who was given a parking ticket threw it on the street and was given another ticket for
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  7. After World War I, most of the countries that rebuilt war-damaged areas did so in the style of the lost structures. At the end of World War II, many countries again faced reconstruction. The peoples of these countries recognized that imitation would be an insult to the architecture they lamented; consequently, they chose to rebuild with the architecture characteristic of
  8. Your answer:
    modern times.
    those buildings which were being replaced.
    the time of World War I.

  9. Never accept as fact something for which there exists only partial proof. Recognize as true only that which is demonstrated clearly enough to eliminate all reasonable
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  11. Sydney, Australia, the first permanent English settlement in the Great Southland, was backed by English entrepreneurs who wished to extend England's sphere of trade and to make a profit for themselves. The motivation for this understanding was, then, largely
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  13. The most important single factor in recovery from poliomyelitis is early diagnosis and treatment. Serious complications may occur with
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  15. To understand something thoroughly, we must know its parts. For example, we know a house when we are familiar with its rooms and with various details of its construction. Words are built much like houses; we shall understand words better by familiarizing ourselves with
  16. Your answer:
    the best modern writers.
    the elements of which they are built.
    available reference sources.
    the laws of syntax.

  17. The editors hope that the use of pictures will increase the circulation of their publication. They advise writers to remember that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and to give careful thought to the manner in which their articles will be
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  19. Rodents are animals that gnaw things--nuts and trees, for example. Rodents are good gnawers because their jaws can move sideways and backward as well as up and down. Another reason that they are good gnawers is that their front teeth do not stop growing. This is important, for otherwise
  20. Your answer:
    their teeth would wear away completely.
    they could not move their jaws.
    they would have to use their claws.
    they could not eat.

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