Reading for Understanding Two #74B

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  1. Industrial noise is partly responsible for worker fatique, turnover of the work force, accidents, and absenteeism. This fact was emphasized in the advertisement of a manufacturer of
  2. Your answer:
    hearing aids.
    FM radios.
    soundproofing equipment.
    medical supplies.

  3. No matter how great one's abilities, it is not possible to become a great leader without gaining the support of the people who are to be
  4. Your answer:

  5. The telephone is used to hear sounds that are produced far away. The telegraph is used to send messages over long distances. One instrument for seeing something that is happening far away is called a
  6. Your answer:

  7. There are very few exposed parts of the earth's surface that are not inhabited by human beings. Indeed, only the frozen waters of the higher altitudes and latitudes, where the earth's surface may be quite deeply covered with snow and ice, are apparently so lacking in the essentials of life that human beings do not live there. Even in these areas there are indications that
  8. Your answer:
    people are living there at present.
    the earth is near the surface.
    humans will never live there.
    they will not always be uninhabited.

  9. In ancient Egyptian art, the forms of excellence were fixed. No painter or artist was permitted to alter the traditional patterns or to invent new ones. For centuries, Egyptian works of art were painted or modelled
  10. Your answer:
    without regard to form.
    by experienced artists.
    in many varying forms.
    in the same forms.

  11. Most of us would be insulted if we were asked to earn our wage by throwing stones over a wall and then throwing them back again. We like to work at jobs that we think are
  12. Your answer:

  13. Thomas Edison said that he considered sleep "a bad habit"; since he, like all of us, wished to rid himself of bad habits, he
  14. Your answer:
    slept but four hours a night.
    tried for self-improvement every day.
    ate more and slept more.
    carefully organized his daily work.

  15. Uncontrolled fire is one of our most terrible enemies. We have learned many ways to control fire, and more often than not, we have made it
  16. Your answer:
    our enemy.
    less useful.
    our servant.
    more dangerous.

  17. A well-known state park in Illinois is the Starved Rock State Park. It is on a high bluff overlooking the Illinois River. A fort was built on this bluff by the explorer La Salle. The story is told that at this place in 1769 a band of Native Americans of the Illinois tribe took refuge from an enemy tribe. The rock takes its name from this story of the last stand of the Illinois Native Americans who, rather than surrender, died of
  18. Your answer:

  19. Warfare of yore has provided some of the most thrilling tales of all times. Long before the dawn of recorded history, people clustered around the community storyteller to listen to
  20. Your answer:
    myths of gods and goddesses.
    tales of heroic soldiers.
    travel stories.
    reports of local news.

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